Sunday, 11 May 2014

#MorrisonsMum & Slow Cooked Chicken Curry Recipe

We were recently given the opportunity to take part in the #MorrisonsMum challenge, which we were very excited about.

In celebration of Morrisons launching PERMANENTLY cheaper prices across their stores, they invited Mums & Dads to come to store and carry out their Bank Holiday shop to see how much cheaper things are.

We were kindly given £80.00 of Morrisons vouchers to carry out this task.

We weren't able to do our shop until the Saturday, so by that time I had already seen Twitter and Instagram come alive with the #MorrisonsMum hashtag - I had seen people displaying the many yellow "I'm Cheaper" labels which were adorning the aisles of their stores and I was quite excited to head to ours.

Now I should point out that Morrisons is not new to me at all - infact we shop there very often. 

I split my weekly shopping between M & S and Morrisons, as - surprisingly - I find that I get much better value for money doing this than I would doing my whole shop at Tesco or Asda.

But of course I was excited to see the reductions that Morrisons have made in pricing, as this will just make shopping there even more appealing to me.

I was unfortunately a bit disappointed that my local store in Totnes didn't seem to be displaying many of the lovely yellow signs at all...I had hoped to snap a photo of the displays as most other bloggers have but I didn't seem to come across any, which was a shame.

However, we did come away very happy with our haul and we ate very well over the bank holiday weekend.

Our meals included:

Mexican chicken fajitas and spicy rice (This is Tyne's cut up  portion!)

A roast beef Sunday dinner

And a cheats slow cooked chicken curry... which I'm going to share the recipe for!

You Will Need:

*1 Red pepper - deseeded and sliced
*1 onion - chopped
*2 cartons of Morrisons chopped tomatoes with garlic & onion
*Half a pint of milk (I use skimmed, you can use whatever you prefer)
*4 chicken breast fillets - sealed, and diced
*1 Schwartz flavour Mild Indian Masalla flavour shot (this is the cheat element!)
*A slow cooker!

Now I could have shared a recipe for a completely made from scratch curry, but since discovering the Schwartz flavour shots I simply don't make them anymore....what is the point?! These handy little pots contain everything you need for flavouring a curry and save all of the measuring of spices etc....

They are ideal when you are busy looking after a 1 year old and just want to bung the curry on quickly and be done with it.

The flavour shots are not actually designed for slow cooker use but I find them to work perfectly and I much prefer slow cooking my curries as it ensures the meat melts in your mouth, and I just love the ease of slow cooking so I do it wherever possible.

1. First step - seal the meat in a frying pan and dice it, then transfer to the slow cooker.

2. Add the pepper and onions

3. Pour over half a pint of milk

4. Add the chopped tomatoes and stir to combine all ingrediants

5. Stir the flavour shot and then pour in

6. Stir well, cover and cook on high for 3 hours

Serve with boiled rice....and voila! Quick & easy Cheats Curry!

The cost of the dish breaks down like this:

*Peppers (I bought a pack of 3 which I also used in the mexican fajitas) - 99p for the pack, which is 33p for 1 pepper
*2 x cartons of Chopped tomatoes - 2 x 59p
*Onion - 8p
*Shwartz flavour shot - reduced to £1.00
*Milk - 84 p for the bottle, works out around 21p for the half pint
*Chicken breast fillets - £5.00 for a pack of 4 (On a multi buy offer 2 for £7.50 which I think is great!)
Boil in the bag rice - £1.09 for a pack of 4, works out to 50p for the two bags we used

The total cost of the meal worked out to £8.30, which is a cost of  £2.07 per serving.

All in all we really enjoyed our #MorrisonsMum experience and will continue to shop at Morrisons as we always have!

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