Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Our Experience with the Cosatto Ooba

Last week, we stopped into the Baby Show while en route to Liverpool for a week's visit to my parents.

The little break in Birmingham was lovely and very appreciated after a 3 hour car journey....we were quite wound up from all the delays along the way by the time we finally arrived, and it did mean we unfortunately only had an hour to browse around!

But we still had some fun....

We stopped by the Bumpkins stand to have Tyne's photos taken....I was thrilled with them, so adorable! I only wish I'd bought the full package - silly me trying to be sensible and then regretting it afterwards!

We had a quick browse around the stalls too, and bumped into a couple of bloggers on our way out - Kate from Family Fever and Colette from Going On An Adventure - which was nice.

I was sad not to arrive early enough to meet some of the other lovely bloggers who had been there that day but hey ho!

The highlight of the Baby Show for us was getting to try out a lovely pushchair from Cosatto.

We had full use of the Ooba for the time we were at the show....not quite long enough to give a full review of course, as I can't tell you how easy it is to fold up or how well it fares over different terrains....

But there are some things I can tell you from the short time I spent with it, and that's what I'll do!

To begin with...let's talk first impressions.

I have never personally tried a Cosatto pram before.

I didn't really know what to expect from them.

When the lovely Emma brought the pram over to us, I was instantly struck with just how eye catching it was!

The design is stunning, and the duck egg blue is absolutely perfect in my opinion.

I can't think of a better colour for me personally...It may sound a bit daft to some but I like Tyne's pram to look nice with the clothes he wears, and I often dress him in various shades of blue & green which I think set this pram off so well.

You can see from a passing glance just how high quality the materials are....the hood alone is gorgeous.

Tyne was at home right away in the Ooba...he looked and seemed perfectly comfortable, and soon had his feet perched over the bars as he always likes to do in any pram!

So we've established that it looks beautiful....how does it handle?

Well....like a dream actually!

I have heard other people say that they found it to be a little on the heavy side but I personally have to disagree, perhaps because my own pram is extremely heavy and quite cumbersome to manouvre....I found the Ooba to be nothing short of a breeze to push!

I loved the easy to use brake button, I loved how easy it was to change the seat facing position, I loved the roomy shopping basket....there was nothing about this that I didn't like.

And what I enjoyed the most?

Call me shallow, but it had to be the MANY admiring glances we got as we wheeled this baby around the show....it seemed like everybody we passed stopped to give the pushchair an admiring look over....the Ooba certainly did draw a lot of  "Ooohs"!

For my first ever experience with Cosatto, I have to say....I am very impressed.

Bravo Cosatto!

To find out more about this or any other Cosatto product, please visit www.cosatto.com

Have you tried Cosatto products yourself? Do you have a favourite?

As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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