Sunday, 4 May 2014

Paella with Schwartz flavour shots & other Supermarket picks

 Airwick National Parks Fragrances

I don't usually use air freshening products around the house, purely because I can find them a little overpowering and "false" smelling so I prefer to use scented candles or reed diffusers.

But we were recently sent AirWicks range of National Parks inspired fragrances and I have been pretty impressed on the whole.

The Crystal Air fresheners (£4) are super handy as you just open the packet and put them where you want them - they instantly freshen up the room but aren't too overpowering - ideal.

The plug in fresheners again (£2 for the unit and £3 for the oil refills) are very nice and not too overpowering, but I was surprised that they did seem to run out very quickly - mine was empty within a week and that was using it on its lowest setting.

What I was really impressed with though was the Freshmatic - this is such a nifty little product and one which I probably would never have thought to try but now that I have, there's no going back.

It's a discreet and sleek looking little black holder which looks like an ornament that sits on your shelf - inside a spray and you set the Freshmatic to release a puff of air freshening spray at a frequency to suit you.
It is such a simple but clever idea!

The Freshmatic is £4.00 and the refills are also £4.00 - we have been using ours for about 2 weeks and its showing no signs of running out.

Lyle's Breakfast Syrup

I love to add a little bit of syrup to porridge or breakfast pancakes in the mornings but I have to admit that those syrup jars are a big pet peeve of mine - no matter how careful I try to be, you always end up with syrup running down the jar and that sticky thing then has to go back in the cupboard - making the cupboard sticky and meaning I have the horrid sticky finger issue everytime I go to pick it up.

So, as simple an idea as a squeezable bottle is, it is a great one and one that certainly appeals to me!

Available at Tesco, Asda & Ocado - RRP £1.75

Schwartz Flavour Shots

These have been such a great discovery for me - I LOVE experimenting with cooking new meals but I often find that, no matter how hard I try, meals often seem lacking in flavour.

These handy little flavour shots contain all the spices and oils needed for creating a tasty meal with none of the measuring hassle or the need for chopping up herbs.

You just add the necessary ingredients and you're away.

For example, we recently made the Spanish paella - a dish I have never made before.

I chopped up some onion, pepper, chicken breast, and chorizo

Added the flavour shot to the pan and warmed it gently

Added the onion, pepper, chicken, chorizo and some prawns

Added the paella rice and 1 3/4 pints of water and simmered for 25 minutes.

We all really enjoyed the meal, even Tyne loved it!

I love using Schwartz flavour shots and would say the Jalfrezi has so far been my favourite one to try, I can't wait to try the Sweet & Sour one!

Available from all good supermarkets for 99p

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