Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pregnancy Highs & Lows

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Since Tyne turned one, I'm finding myself being asked more and more frequently that dreaded question that drives so many of us Mums absolutely barmy....

"When are you having another?"

Of course, it is something I've thought about but I have to be honest....I change my mind on that subject more often than I change my underwear :/

Some days I get very broody and think I'd love to have another baby...

Other days, I think I'd like to have a couple more....

Some days I think I'm not ready yet, and that I'd like to put it off for a year or two....

And some days, I'm suddenly reminded of how much I absolutely hated pregnancy and think that, actually, I don't want to ever go through it again!

Days like today...

For no reason at all, I suddenly had a very nauseous feeling wash over me and everything smelled funny...

It only lasted for a few minutes (And I'm in mid-visit from Aunt Flo before you ask, so there's no definitely no Baby 2 on the Horizon yet!) but those few minutes were enough to bring all the horrible pregnancy symptoms flooding back to me.....and those memories really made me question whether I'll ever be ready to do it all again.

I hear so many women talk about how amazing pregnancy is, and how much they enjoy it...

I am not one of those people.

Pregnancy was a 9 month long rollercoaster ride through the hot fires of hell for exaggeration.

Here's a little trip down memory lane of all the pleasantries I experienced....

Morning  All Day Sickness

The sickness started off at around 6 weeks in....At first it was just nausea.

It was annoying and I'd feel really sick all day...extreme sick, like as if I'd been on a boat swaying around all day long.

But I could deal with it.

Then the nausea turned in to actual full on throwing up...

But it didn't just happen happened multiple times every day.

It wasn't just in the was morning, afternoon, evening, night.

I couldn't keep anything down.

I kept reading that it would pass soon....that it usually ends with the first trimester.

But it carried on....and on....and on....

It eventually started to ease at 26 weeks, and was finally gone for good by 28 weeks....

But oh my god....the memories of having to carry little sandwhich bags everywhere with me to be sick into at random intervals throughout the day does not die easily....


I pretty much lived off Gaviscon during my pregnancy.

Luckily it was one thing I was able to keep down!

I experienced such extreme heartburn during pregnancy that I thought I was actually having a heart attack on many occasions.

Distorted Sense of Smell

This sounds like an odd one, and not something that would be all that bad....

It's hard to explain what I mean by this, but I so clearly remember a distinct constant smell in the air when I was pregnant....

It was probably linked in with the extreme morning sickness, but I swear I can "remember" the smell and can almost smell it now...and it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

It was a constant not-quite-right smell in the air and was so stomach churning....

Food Aversions

You hear a lot about food cravings during pregnany, but I was unprepared for the food aversions.

It may have been part & parcel of all the morning sickness, after all - when you've seen pretty much every food you enjoy in reverse it's never quite got the same appeal - but for whatever reason, so many of my favourite foods became a real turn off during pregnancy.

I expected that once the baby was born, I'd fall back in love with my formerly favourite foods but nope...

Sadly, I still cannot enjoy pizza to this day.



At about 6 months along, I suddenly developed an unexplained extreme rash all over my body.

There were HUGE hives all over my arms, legs, back and stomach.

They weren't itchy, they didn't irritate me at all....but they were enormous and they were hideous.

And NOBODY was ever able to figure out what caused them.

They came and went throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but thankfully never returned once Tyne was born.

A mystery.


At about 7 months pregnant, I was on a short break at a hotel with my family when I collapsed with stomach pain.

It turned out to be gallstones, which can apparently occur frequently in pregnancy. Who knew.

I was hospitalised over night, and feeling very sorry for myself....while Jon was 250 miles away and I was alone in hospital.

Not fun.


I had foolishly thought that being pregnant would at least mean a break from that time of the month.

I was wrong....

I had bleeding throughout my pregnancy, and continuous period-like pains.

These were always a bit worrying, but I was always checked over and reassured that everything was fine....I was just one of the unlucky ones who carried on getting cramping and slight bleeding each month.

Yay me.

Placenta Praevia

Late into the pregnancy, it was discovered that I had a low lying placenta.

As I was already having an elective c section, this wasn't awful news for me but it was still concerning as, of course, it can be dangerous.

It also meant a fair few extra scans....but not the fun kind, the internal kind. *ouch*

So there you have run down of pleasantries experienced during pregnancy.

Yes of course Tyne was worth all of them......but did I enjoy it?

No I absolutely did not!!!!!!

I HATED pregnancy.

So there!

Do I want to do it all again?

I don't know.

As much as I love the thought of another baby and as much as I want Tyne to have a sibling, thinking back on my pregnancy really doesn't fill me with excitement for the next one....

They say each pregnancy is different....let's hope so!!!!

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