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Re:Spa Hydraclean Facial Review

While in London last week, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Reebok Sports Club spa facility Re:Spa in Canary Wharf.

The Reebok Sports Club is located on the top floor of the rather lovely Canada Square shopping centre, which was so easy to find from the nearby tube station even for a novice like me!

The facilities are just stunning.

Inside the Spa reception itself, everything is very fresh and funky - you are then taken through to the back where there is a real serene calming vibe.

I was taken to a chill out space to relax on the comfortable recline beds while I filled in a form about my medical history and waited for my therapist.

The room was so very relaxing, I could have happily stayed in there all day - the lights were dim and the scent was welcoming - with fresh lime & lemon infused cold water on tap.

Such a calm, peaceful little haven right in the centre of London - who would have thought?!

After a short while, my therapist Frankie came through and took me to the treatment room.

It is very difficult to photograph a treatment room well and I'm afraid the above photo does it no justice at all.

The lights were dimmed and calming, there was soft music playing, and every little want had been thought of.

A comfortable chair in the corner to sit at while removing my shoes, a wash basin and mirror for reapplying make up after treatment, a beautiful looking shower room, and even a little trinket box placed on the bed for any jewellerey to be safely placed into.

Frankie read through my form and it was clear from the start that she knew exactly what she was doing - I often feel that these forms are just a formality and nobody ever actually reads them, but Frankie did - she enquired about my thyroid condition and assured me that during the neck massage she would avoid the neck area so as not to overstimulate the thyroid gland. 

I was impressed with her knowledge as I have suffered with thyroid conditions for the past 12 years and even I had no idea that massages could do that!!! 

Frankie asked me to remove my top and lay on the bed under the covers, and left the room while I did so.

When she returned, she put my hair in a towel and got started on the treatment.

I was having the Hydraclean facial.

The Hydraclean is referred to as a Maintenance facial and is designed to fit into the schedules of busy women who want to care for their skin but don't have all the time in the world to allow for long treatments.

The Hydraclean facial takes just 30 minutes so is ideal for a lunch time or post-work treat.

Frankie talked me through every step of the facial as she went, which I found helpful.

First she cleansed and exfoliated my skin, and then it was time for the Thermoclean element.

The Thermoclean heated electrode is a device exclusive to Guinot (the salon brand behind the Hydraclean facial) - the heat emitted from the electrode helps to eliminate toxins from the skin.

I found this element of the treatment very relaxing - the electrode feels warm but there is no discomfort.

After the Thermoclean element, a facial, neck and shoulder massage was given which was just lovely - so relaxing (I fear I may have nodded off and snored at one point....eeep!)

They say that the Hydraclean is so effective that one single treatment is enough to see desired results.

Of course, I was skeptical about that.

I enjoyed the treatment immensely, and I listened to Frankie's skincare advice as we discussed my poor effort in looking after my skin (I use make up wipes and nothing else!) - my skin felt nice afterwards but I thought that would be all and I would think nothing more of it.

Frankie advised me not to put my make up on back on for 6 hours - this was concerning as I had a restaurant review to do that afternoon and I do NOT allow myself to be seen in public without make up! - but I didn't want to risk ruining the effects of the treatment so I just applied a lick of mascara and braved it.

My skin felt so good that I actually felt pretty confident walking around London make-up free - an amazing achievement for me!

I was given a sample set of Guinot products to use at home, and have been keeping up with them since.

It's now been a week since my treatment and I can honestly say that my skin has NEVER felt or looked better.

I am so impressed.

Jon has commented on how lovely it looks - I have no spots, no dry patches, and my skin looks radiant. 
Make up applies so much more smoothly than before and looks much better.

I am so happy with the results, and would recommend this treatment and the Guinot facial products to anybody.

My sample set has now run out and I will absolutely be buying the full size products right away.

To read more about the Hydraclean facial, please click HERE or to see more treatments on offer from Re:Spa visit their website at

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