Saturday, 10 May 2014

Starting new traditions with Portmeirion

Portmeirion are a name associated with the finest quality dinnerware that money can buy.

The pieces are of such quality and beauty that they become collectors items, with people passing them through generations of family.

 I like the idea of starting new traditions with Tyne, and because Christmas is my favourite time of the year - my focus with traditions has always been on that.

When Poermeirion very kindly asked us to try out an item from their collection, I knew immediately that I wanted to choose something that we would keep and use year after year.

I didn't want to choose an item that would be used often and end up chipped or, worse!, broken (Jon is a very clumsy dish washer!)

I wanted something special and I knew I wanted to choose something festive.

I browsed their various Christmas collections and decided that the colourful design of the Christmas Wish range that most appealed to me.

There were many items to choose from in the range, but I thought a covered vegetable dish would be a wise choice.

Something that could be put in the centre of the Christmas table every year, that would become synonymous with our family Christmas Dinner.

The dish is absolutely gorgeous, it will look so special & fitting on the Christmas table but it doesn't look too imposing either - you wouldn't be afraid to touch it for fear of breaking it! 

 Made from finest porcelain, this will surely last many years and I hope it can even be passed down to Tyne when he moves one day.

Available from for £44.50
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