Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Bedtime Battle....

The bedtime dread has well & truly started.

As a grown up, you look forward to bedtime - my bedroom is probably my favourite room in the house, and short of having a tv bed it's everything I want in a bedroom. I can't wait to get there every night.

We've always been very lucky where bedtime was concerned. 

As a very young baby, Tyne did wake a fair few times in the night but we expected that...But for the last 4 or 5 months, he's been a great sleeper.

He's gone down easily each night, and slept through until 9 am most days with maybe an occasional whimper or wake up around 5 am but a quick cuddle sorted that out.

But for the past 2 or 3 nights, things have changed.

My nice placid sleepy little baby has been replaced by a screaming, red-faced little terror who has made it his mission to absolutely NOT go to sleep in his own cot.

If he falls asleep on our bed, he wakes as soon as we transfer him to the cot.

If he put him in the cot awake, he stands straight up and screams bloody murder - cries hysterically - reaches his hands out to be lifted out.

We've tried it all.

We've tried letting him cry for a while - he doesn't give up and I can't leave him for longer than 5 minutes while he's crying hysterically.

We've tried sitting next to the cot...he refuses to do anything but stand, cry and lean out to us.

We've tried continuing to lay him back down when he stands up - we get tired waaaay before he does!

So what to do?!

We end up trying all of these things, and eventually he ends up falling asleep in our arms.

If he would do that to begin with and stay asleep  when we put him into his cot, that would be fine...but he doesn't.

He won't stay asleep until he's worn himself out from crying first.

He has a good bedtime routine which has been the same for months - bath, supper, cuddles and story, bottle and bed so I know its not his routine that's the problem.

He has one nap a day, after his lunch for usually an hour or an hour and a half.

I'm totally at a loss but I do hope this phase doesn't stick around too long!

Has anybody experienced these kinds of bedtime episodes?! What tips would you give me?!

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  1. hayley morgan1 May 2014 at 16:41

    We ha a similar problem when our son was 18 months old, for 2 weeks he kept waking up at 1.30 EVERY morning and then we would have to fight to get him back to sleep.we tried everything and then one night after he fell asleep I took the pillow off my bed and lay it next to him and he slept through the night, my scent on the pillow must have made him think he was laying next to me.hope that might help.good luck xx

  2. Yes every night since he was born.... yawn ...haha he got worse last week but going to obe nap not two has helped get a normal bed tine back... not 10!! . but he still.wakes at least 2 times a night and up at 6

  3. Millie has some nights where she’ll cry for nearly an hour before she falls asleep but we just leave her. Have done for months as if we go into her, it works her up even more! We know when to go in if she’s really really crying as we can tell in her voice whether it’s tiredness or something else. Have you tried letting him have a little play after his bottle so he tires himself out? We do that with Millie now and she lets us know when she’s tired and its normally not long after refusing to have anymore milk! She’s only having 4/5 oz before bed now and sleeps right through until 7:30am! x


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