Monday, 12 May 2014

The Changing Face Of Romance

It struck me recently how things change in relationships.

When Jon & I first moved in together, I used to go to the trouble of  waking up early to run to the bathoom and put on some light foundation & lipgloss, swill some mouthwash and brush my hair before creeping back to bed and pretending to be asleep.

Nowadays if I bother to brush my hair or teeth before 1pm, he asks if we've got an important appointment he's forgotten about.

Once upon a time, I would take great pride in making sure I had dinner all ready when he got home from work....not because he expected it but because I just wanted to be the nice little housewife type who was queen of domesticity.

These days, dinner time is much more of a trade off....usually preceded by an argument over who cooked yesterday, followed by some bartering on who'll do the cooking and who'll do the dishes and eventually settling ....most of the time....on Jon doing both. 

In the pre-baby days, date nights would involve getting dressed up to the 9's, going for dinner and a movie, and giggling and chatting all night about all sorts of interesting topics...

Now our "date" nights consist of managing to meet on the sofa for long enough to watch a film in our PJs....usually not quite making it until the end of the movie before one of us is snoring. And chicken kebabs and cheesy chips are the "romantic dinners" we share.

Our conversations used to revolve around workmates we hated, gossip about mutual friends, the occasional teasing of a family member....

Now, we sit around slagging off Peppa Pig and how awful HER attitude has been lately....and Oh, did you happen to catch the Pajanimals today?! Cowbella said something SO funny.....


So how have things changed in your relationship over the years?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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