Monday, 19 May 2014

The Line (And how not to cross it...)

There's something about babies & children.

Even the most sensible, level-headed, unflappable of people can be rendered helpless by the mere sight of an adorable doe-eyed baby.

I understand this.

It happens to me too....even when I'm having the worst day and I feel like there is thunder & lightning flashing cartoon-style out of my eyes...a little smile and giggle from a cute child can have me won over and pulling funny faces at them in the checkout queue as though nothing is wrong.

But people....there IS a line.

A line that....any sane person would is pretty obvious not to cross.

No matter how cute you find my child, no matter how adorable you think he NOT cross that line.

It's a bone of contention for me you see, because...on more than one occasion....people have crossed that line.

In quote Joey from Friends (oh literary genius that he is...)...."They went so far past the line that they couldn't even see the line...the line was a dot to them!"

So where exactly IS the line?

Well...let's see....

Cooing over my child in a supermarket, doctors surgery, or any other public place is fine....

I'm happy for you to talk to him. I'm happy for you to pull funny faces, ask him questions he's never going to answer (usually resulting in me answering for him in some kind of weird baby-style voice....does anybody else do this?! No..?! Just me!?)...

In fact, I enjoy it.

I'm not shy when it comes to public adoration of my offspring....

Go forth. Admire my creation.

But where is the line?


That's where!

Imagine my surprise horror Asda one evening...a lady whom I have never laid eyes on before came up and started talking to Tyne & playing with him....and then, moments later, leaned in and KISSED HIM.....


Yes really....this total stranger, out shopping in Asda with her husband and teenage daughter, seemingly normal in every other way....saw fit to kiss a strangers child smack on the lips!


Of course, sharing germs from your mouth with my son is not the only way to massively cross the line....

Quite often, we eat out in restaurants....and quite often, the waiters and waitresses make a real fuss of Tyne (and all children)...

I'm fine with that. I understand that they're probably told to do so to be welcoming, it's not going to hurt their tips to be nice and maybe they just enjoy seeing the friendly face of a child after dealing with adults all day....

I'm fine with it.

So how can they cross the line? all means, come and chat to him once or twice. Even three times if you must....knock yourself out.

Chat while you take our order, chat when you bring our drinks, chat when you bring the food, collect the plates, bring the bill etc etc.

But when we're eating our meal and trying to have a conversation....Don't repeatedly come over to the table to talk to the baby.

5, 6, 7 visits to our table during the time it takes me to devour a plate of steak & chips (FYI: That's not very long...) is annoying....and it's bordering on inappropriate.

Line....CROSSED. far my line has only been crossed twice in the space of a year, but that first instance was enough to scar me for life!

So I wonder....where is your LINE as a parent and has it been crossed yet?

Let me know!

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