Friday, 30 May 2014

The Serious side of Summer Holidays!

We all remember that feeling as children as the summer holidays approached....the sheer elation at having 6 whole weeks of no school and no homework.

Looking forward to long summer evenings playing out with friends, fun filled days out with my family, and caravan holidays in North Wales.

But when you're a child there are aspects of summer holidays that you don't consider.

What about the strain it puts on parents?

6 Weeks of no school means that working parents are left needing find alternate childcare for their kids - which can be stressful and expensive. And sometimes just not possible - which can then mean having to use their annual leave entitlements....A recent survey conducted by Cotton Traders showed that 20% of couples surveyed would need to take their annual leave separately to cover the childcare over the holiday period.

And then there are the financial worries - there seems a certain pressure on families to provide a lot of fun activities for kids over the summer holidays which of course is understandable, but days out to theme parks don't come cheap and if you don't live near a beach or open spaces it can be difficult and expensive to find ways to keep the kids entertained.

Then there are the holidays - With such stringent rules now in place on removing children from school in term time for family holidays, this means that most families now need to take their vacations during the summer - but as this is the most expensive time of year to travel, does this leave holidays largely unaffordable?

At the moment, Tyne is still just a baby so these are not things which are currently affecting us but they will be in just a few short years and it's something to really think about.

If you're a working parent, how do you handle the school holidays?

As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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