Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's In My Changing Bag: The Toddler Version!

It's been a while since I did a Whats In My Changebag post...infact my last one was way back in June 2013 when Tyne was just 3 months old.

If you'd like to read that one to compare, you can do so HERE

Back then I was using the Miracle Bag - a really large bag which I used to carry pretty much everything but the kitchen sink when we went out for the day!

I was being quite reserved when I wrote that post I think, because I certainly remember carrying MUCH more out with me on a daily basis than I mention there!

I would always take lots of spare bottles, changes of clothes, tons of nappies, tons of nappy bags, lots of wipes, sudocrem, teething cream, cotton buds...all manner of things! My shoulders would ache so much at the end of a long day out!

Since Tyne turned 1, I have been able to dramatically reduce what I take out and about with me for a standard few hours out of the house.

So I have now downsized to the much more manageable Pink Lining Mini Yummy Mummy Bag - I was sent this particular bag for review consideration (You can read my review HERE if you're interested) but I also have a full size bag which I bought from Kiddicare - Kiddicare stock a great range of changing bags, Pink Lining being just one of the many high end ranges available!

So...what do I carry with me now?!

On a standard day I carry:

*My purse - always essential!
*Some loose change for parking
*My iphone (or my right arm as Jon likes to call it...)
*2 nappies
*A pack of wipes
*Some nappy bags
*A spare dummy
*My filofax and a pen
*Sometimes I carry Tommee Tippee dummy sterilising wipes (but I'd run out of them on the day I filmed the below video!)
*A small snack for Tyne
*A disposable bib incase we happen to eat anywhere
*A hair clip or bobble
*Some lipgloss

As you can see...most of the above list of items are things for me. I find that Tyne needs very little when we go out these days.

All he needs is a few nappies, wipes and a nappy extra dummy, a snack and his juice cup which we take in the car or on the pram/trike.

If its a sunny day, then I'll throw in his sunhat and some sun lotion too.

So as you can see....I travel much lighter baby-wise these days! Now if only I could whittle the list of MUMMY things I carry around!!

To have a look at my video showing the contents of My Changing Bag, please see below!

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