Thursday, 8 May 2014

Yves Rocher Make Up: Review

Today I am reviewing a brand of make up which is completely new to me.

I hadn't heard of Yves Rocher until I was given the chance to try out a couple of products for myself, so I was very intrigued - I love discovering new make up brands but I find it difficult to really get on with a particular brand, hence why I usually tend to stick to MAC & Benefit over and over again.

The items I was sent to try out where the Sexy Pulp Mascara in Black and the Grand Rouge Lipstick in Rose Equivoque.

At first use, I thought the mascara was perhaps a little too subtle for my taste as I like to really exaggerate my lashes - however after using this for a couple of weeks, I have totally changed my initial opinion.

This has now become my go-to mascara for everyday wear - infact I actually overlook my MAC mascara in favour of this one, and that is really saying a lot for a hardened MAC fan like myself.

The mascara is very light and not at all clumpy, and the wand is fantastic at separating the lashes which really helps to elongate their appearance.

The Sexy Pulp Mascara is usually priced at £18.00 but is currently on sale at £12.60! 

*Runs off to buy one*

I also got to try out the Grand Rouge Lipstick.

The lipstick itself was lovely - highly pigmented, moisturising and the colour lasted well.

I absolutely adore the sleek rose-gold packaging, a real selling point for me.

I didn't personally like the shade I was sent as I didn't feel it suited my colouring too well, but I would definitely try the lipstick in a lighter shade.

The Yves Rocher grand rouge lipsticks are usually £19.50 but are currently on sale for £9.75

To view the Yves Rocher collection, please click HERE

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