Monday, 9 June 2014

Baby outing essentials

One of our favourite things to do with Tyne is head out on walks around the area.

We're lucky living in Devon that there are so many lovely countryside spots right on our doorstep.

We live right in between two lovely little parks - each less than a 4 minute walk from our door.

One is a large green with a bandstand where brass bands play in the summer, with a sensory garden and a little fenced play area for children.

The other has the park, an area for feeding the ducks and a lovely woodland trail.

We often head to the parks on a day when we haven't long to spare but we just want to get out for some fresh air.

We're lucky that Tyne is a very outdoors-y child - he loves heading out, and gets so excited when we head for the front door!

But there are a few essentials we always make sure to have with us on this little trips out, to make sure there are no little hiccups!

The main thing at Tyne's age is a comfortable pushchair.

Tyne isn't walking yet, so a pushchair is a necessity and of course it's so important that we use one that is comfortable for him and easy to manoevre across various terrains for we'll be going from pavement to woodland path!

We find the Chicco Activ 3 stroller to be the best choice for this, Tyne is so happy in it.

(We have the red but its also available in beige, as pictured below)

Image from using CC

Some of the other essentials we take with us are:
*A drink for Tyne - it sounds obvious but if we ever forgot it, all hell would break loose!
*Snacks - a pack of raisins or some Organix puffs are our usual choices to have on hand
*Acquaint sanitizing spray - Tyne takes a dummy with him everywhere and often on these walks he'll drop it, so I like to this on hand ready to give it a good clean before giving it back to him
*Sunscreen - the weather can change so quickly here so even if its cloudy when we head out, the sun can soon break through - I always make sure there's a bottle of sunscreen in our change bag
*Layers - again with how quickly the weather changes, I like to make sure Tyne has the option of adding or removing layers of clothing accordingly.
*A book or toy - sometimes he can get bored if we're walking a long way, so I always have a couple of entertainment options on stand by
*A camera! - You never know when you might walk by a lovely background for a photo, so I always make sure to have my camera on hand ....just incase!

What things do you have on your outing essentials list? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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