Thursday, 19 June 2014

Baby's First Bedroom

Baby’s first bedroom

With a new baby on the way, there is so much to think about from changing your daily routine to working through your finances. Once your baby is a little older however, you’ll soon have to think about providing a bedroom for him or her to grow up in, and this can present many challenges for people of all tastes and budgets. To help you make the most of your transition into parenthood, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Decorate the room appropriately

Once you have a baby, you may soon find that time and financial constraints prevent you from re-decorating again once your child’s tastes change. With this in mind, choose a theme that’s relatively neutral, for example, something that isn’t age sensitive or too gender specific. Try picking a neutral colour, particularly if you choose not to find out the sex of your baby. Themes such as animals present neutral colours and can bring a room to life. Remember too – if you’re pushed for space, painting with brighter colours can make a room look larger.

Choose the right furniture for every stage

A newborn baby will likely sleep in a Moses basket by his or her mother’s side, but once he or she has progressed to sleeping alone, you’ll need to purchase appropriate equipment to guarantee comfort for your baby. Choose a cot with a supportive mattress that will not sag, and consider investing in a baby sleeping bag to prevent your child from moving too much in the night.
When your child is older, you should look into appropriate children’s sleeping furniture to help the transition and discourage him or her from sleeping with mum and dad.

Eliminate all distractions

Creating a comfortable sleeping for your baby in his or her earliest stages is imperative to help establish a routine. To help this, make sure you eliminate all distractions, including devices with screens like tablets or televisions, which can disrupt the production of sleep hormone melatonin.

Make sure that you keep your baby’s room as free of light as possible to prevent disturbances. Invest in a good pair of curtains and try to keep the bedroom on a side of the house which faces away from the sun in the mornings. Finally, to keep both you and your baby’s mind at rest, use a few sleeping aids like a mobile along with a baby monitor that attaches to the cot.

Your baby’s first bedroom has the potential to make so many memories, so enjoy every
moment of it.

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