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Degustabox: Review

Degustabox is a monthly subscription service containing 10-15 new products each month.

The boxes are always filled with goods that equate to a higher value than you have paid for the box, offering great value for money and a chance to try out brand new products.

There is no commitment with Degustabox as you can simply stop your subscription whenever you choose.

So what was inside our box this month?!

Cleaspring Miso On The Go soup (£1.29 each)

These handy sachets are perfect for popping in your bag for work, and are super simple to prepare as you just add water.
They are low in fat and high in flavour, and vegan friendly.

I had never tried Miso soup before so I can't compare these to others available but I enjoyed these very much and would definitely buy them again, they're great if you're dieting like I currently am.

Keogh's Crisps (£1.00)

The flavour I received was Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar which I found a little too strong for my personal taste, but I did find the crisps themselves really lovely with just the right amount of crunch and no nasty greasiness to them.
I would try Keogh's again but would opt for a different flavour.
I did like the fact that these are gluten free!

McVitie's Mini Rolls (£1.30 each)

Mini rolls are an old favourite, but these are new flavours to the shelves. Both are really scrummy but the Berry Burst were my favourite, though Tyne has really been enjoying the Tropicool.

The packet advises that you can now pop the mini rolls in the freezer for a frozen,cooling summer snack - I haven't tried this yet but it's worth a go?!

Crabbie's Alcoholic flavoured Ginger Beer - £2.19

I tried Crabbie's original alcoholic ginger beer a while ago after the ad tempted me, but I didn't like it at all - I've never been a fan of ginger beer or anything ginger flavoured at all so I wans't surprised to not enjoy it.

This time though the ginger beer was flavoured - there are two flavours to try including Strawberry & Lime but I received the Raspberry - I decided to give it another go, and while I still wouldn't choose to order it in a bar - It was definitely a lot more enjoyable for me personally than the unflavoured variety.

If you're a ginger beer fan, I'm sure this would go down a treat.

Cawston Press Rhubarb soft drink (£1.00)

I am not a fan of rhubarb in the slightest, so I fully expected not to enjoy this but I was pleasantly surprised!
Its not too sweet and no too tart - I am a big consumer of canned soft drinks, but as Cawston Press drinks contain no preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners these would surely be a healthier option for me and one I will certainly be buying in future!

Mornflake superfast (£1.20 each)

I don't personally eat raisins or dried fruit, so I couldn't try these myself - instead the task fell to Jon who was somewhat skeptical about the concept of adding cold water and watching it turn to milk.

But turn to milk it did, and Jon said they were really enjoyable and he would never have known if he hadn't prepared them himself - certainly handy for breakfast at work if you're running late!

Go Splash low calorie water flavouring - £2.45

This was really delicious and came at a perfect time for me as I`m trying to drink more water but I HATE the stuff so need a bit of flavour added to it.

I will definitely buy this again.

Lindt chocolate - 80p each.

There were four of these in our box, and only two survived until my camera was out - so I think that speaks volumes in itself!

You really can't beat Lindt for delicious, smooth, creamy chocolate and quite frankly I think you'd be hard pushed to find a better way to spend 80p!

Dr Oetker Fine Cooks Chocolate - £1.69 each

Dr Oetker chocolate is just perfect for baking with - it melts quickly, and tastes absolutely divine in cooking!

I was very impressed with this months Degustabox overall, the value of the box came in at £20.80 - considering the box would cost £12.99 per month I think this is a great saving and there was nothing in the box that we wouldn't use.

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