Thursday, 26 June 2014

Guest Post: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful....

June and July are those amazing months of the year, when your wardrobe is your number one source of glow and happiness. 
Every Los Angeles advertising photographer has plenty of work in these months, regarding tanned girls in blue marine or pink outfits. It is all about the sea colors and the flower shadows.

Try different minimalistic dresses, wear easy white outfits that are large and give you much air to breathe. These are highly sophisticated and super comfortable.

 When the heat hits the town, all you want to do, is breathe and not feeling any heavy textile on your skin. This is why, the large dress, let it be short or long, is always a great idea for the summer. 

The colors of the year are of course white and baby pink.
 These colors give you an amazing opportunity to feel like a total hippie, while being totally dope. And one more thing about the easy, large and breezy outfit is that it hides perfectly every single part of your body that is not ready yet for the beach.

Even if your body is a total bombshell, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear super tight Herve Leger dresses all the time. Sometimes, you can look sexy without displaying any curve of your goddess features. And Herve Leger is not even trendy anymore. 
Sexuality can be about the amazing attitude one has. And that’s what you get when you feel good, while wearing different easy outfits. It’s about the confidence you can find in the easiness of one white, minimalistic dress.

Feel free to accessorize the gorgeous large outfits with electric, gold or silver bracelets and necklaces.
 Put some hot earrings on and within seconds, your look will transit from a casual one to the perfect cocktail party style. 
And even having a dozen of jewelry on, will not make you feel any worse. 
You’ll still feel free and breezy. 

That’s the magic you can have in the heat of the summer, only by choosing the right kind of easy dress.

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