Sunday, 15 June 2014

Life Lately...

What we've been doing....

Things have been pretty quiet and normal for the last few weeks which I feel has kind of been the calm before the storm....
Last week we were suddenly hit with a ton of last minute plans and things to do, and when those things are added to what was already planned for the next week or's resulted in us having a VERY busy couple of weeks starting this weekend and lasting until the middle of July.

So I'm glad that the time leading up to this was nice and calm!

We'd pretty much just been enjoying having some chilled out family days. and time together at home.

Jon is still spending his time on the Job board looking for something new via sites such as City Calling, although he has also had some thoughts of starting up a new business which is something we're looking into right now....fingers crossed something comes of it and then I can talk more about it.

What we've been watching....

I feel like I'm spending far less time lately watching normal TV...since the Apple TV came along I barely watch anything other than Netflix & YouTube!

Lately any free time I've had for TV has been spent watching YouTube vlogs....I just love them as they tend to only be between 10-20 minutes long so they're ideal for just squeezing in when you have a quick coffee break from working at home.

Lately I've been loving Sprinkle Of Glitter's Chatter channel and all of her Seattle vlogs, but my main love will always be The Shaytards....I seriously can't go a day without watching them!

Our Plans...

As I mentioned, we have a lot on at the moment.

This weekend we've just returned from reviewing the very beautiful Watersmeet Hotel in North Devon (Review coming on Thursday!) - we don't venture to North Devon as much as we should, Woolacombe is absolutely stunning...the beach was amazing. 
So vast - even though there were lots of families there, it still felt like you had your own little space and it was SO clean.
 We've decided we're holidaying in Woolacombe next year rather than our usual trip to Cornwall!

Speaking of Cornwall, that's where we're heading on Monday!

We are VERY excited to have been asked to review a Parkdean holiday - we're going to stay with them on for the week at their White Acres holiday park in Newquay - we are SO looking forward, fingers crossed that the weather stays this nice!

We're back home from Parkdean on Thursday evening, and I am headed off to London first thing on Friday morning for the weekend as its time for Britmums Live!

I am SO excited that the weekend is finally here, and so excited to hang out with my amazing blog friends....but I am also super nervous about lots of aspects of it, especially about missing Tyne as i've never been away from him for 2 nights before :(

After Britmums we are currently deciding on whether to keep our planned 3 night break to Cornwall as we've been very disappointed with the holiday park (more on that soon....) or whether to abandon it in favour of a couple of days in Peppa Pig World instead.

We'll need to decide soon I guess!

So that's how life has been for has it been treating you?!

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