Monday, 2 June 2014

Orange Is The New Black Season TWO exclusive review!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along by Netflix as part of their Stream Team to attend an exclusive preview screening for Episode 1, Season 2 of one of my FAVOURITE TV Shows "Orange Is The New Black".

The event took place in the very swish Soho Hotel in London.

I found out about the event the day before, and I was both excited and very nervous as the invitation only admitted one person so it meant having to really face my fears and go to London by myself - something that I found quite difficult with my anxiety issues!

But after some pep talks from my amazing blog friends and Jon, I booked the train tickets and went out shopping for an outfit.

I decided that - given the name of the show - orange was the most fitting colour choice, so I chose this ensemble from Outfit.

The next day at 1.30, I was sitting on the train heading to London.

Luckily I found out that lovely Laura from The Life & Times of The Working Mum and Lottie from Berice Baby were also going to be there, so once I'd met Laura at Paddington station I started to relax.

Once we got to the hotel, a quick change later we were in the bar having some drinks with the Stream Team PR guys who were lovely - we then headed in to watch the show, and following that four members of the cast came in for a Q & A session.

The cast members were Taylor Schilling who plays the central character Piper Chapman, Laura Prepon who plays Alex Vausse, Jason Biggs (He of American Pie fame!) who plays Larry and Danielle Brooks who plays one of my favourite characters Taystee.

The Q & A session lasted about half an hour and was really fun, Jason Biggs in particular was pretty hilarious!

Afterwards we chatted outside for a while, and saw Taylor Schilling again (Who pointed out my orange dress!!!) and then we headed off back for the tube.

With lovely Lottie & Laura - Picture credit to Laura Asbury

I very almost missed my train home which would have been quite disastrous as it was the last one, but I made it with about a minute to spare....eeek!

All in all, I had a lovely evening!

To see my vlog, have a look below:

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2, Episode 1 review

The series picks up approximately 1 month on from the finale of Series 1, and it seems that Piper has been in the SHU for that period of time following the fight.

The episode feels a little unfamiliar as, without wanting to give too much away, there are only two of the characters that we're used to involved....Piper being one of them.

I did miss the presence of the other cast members and was very eager to find out what's happened in their own stories, and I would say the first 10 minutes or so of the episode felt a little slow - very funny (more so than in the previous season) but certainly slower....though that may just be from the anticipation of wanting to know what is happening to Piper.

But once that second character is shown and things become more clear, the episode is very much back on track and we are taken on a journey of flashbacks from various points in Piper's life.

For the first time, we see a glimpse of Piper's childhood. 

Throughout the early episodes of Season 1 I had been a big supporter of Piper as a character, but around halfway through I started to lose sympathy for her....getting to see a little of her backstory here has helped me to understand the character more and feel more empathy for her.

I can't say too much, but there is a big twist at the end of this episode that I was NOT expecting - and I am SO excited to see how it pans out!

Series 2 of Orange Is The New Black is coming to Netflix on June 6th, and I for one cannot wait!!!!

Will you be watching?!

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