Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Perfect Curls & My Day At South West Blog Social

Since dying my hair pink ombre a few weeks ago, I have been wearing it curled much more often as I think the curled look really suits the colour.

Unfortunately for me, my hair is naturally poker straight - there is not a hint of a wave or kink to it.

Added to this the fact that my hair is very long and there is lots of it....it's not that easy to get it to hold a curl.

Previously I have tried heatless hairband curling, wearing rags overnight, and using my GHD straighteners to curl my hair....all of which work well but they take quite a bit of prep time and effort.

The GHD curls look lovely but they only seem to work on small sections of my hair giving me lots and lots of thin curls....whereas I prefer fewer, ringlet curls.

The heatless hairband method and rags work well but they are not too comfortable
to sleep in over night.

And so I needed an alternative - a way of curling that is quick and easy, but gives a look that lasts.

I was recently sent some Nicky Clarke curling tongs and I have been so impressed with how well they've worked for me.

The tongs have different heat settings, and are very quick to warm.

I found them so straightforward to use, and what impressed me was that there is no need to hold them in your hair for minutes at a time - the first time I used them I was rushing and only left them in my hair for around 30 seconds per section....and they worked perfectly!

What impressed me more was that, on that occasion, I was away on a trip and had forgotten to bring any hair spray with me...and so I went out for the evening with no fixing spray on my curls....but they lasted all night!

This is pretty much unheard of for my hair!

I have loved using the Nicky Clarke tongs and have used them most days since they arrived, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

To take a closer look or to purchase your own, please click here

I have to say, the Nicky Clarke tongs were such a blessing yesterday when I attended the South West Blog Social event in Exeter.

I had left it to the very last minute to decide what to wear, and found myself running around the house at 11.30 am trying to find an outfit, do my make up and style my hair....when I had to leave at noon!

The tongs saved the day of course, and after throwing on some make up, putting my hair in a half up style and curling some sections I was ready to go!

I went to the event with my sister Laura and friend Chloe as they are both bloggers too, and we arrived just slightly late.

I met up with my old friend Latoyah (who is also a blogger!) and we set about getting the cocktails in and having a look around.

Latoyah had some funky plaits put in by the hair dressing girls, which was fun...

The event was fun, and I particularly enjoyed the talks by Ruth from Imp Ideas on Finding your blogging voice, and from Jessica Debrah on how she founded the FBL chat.

I didn't get to chat to as many other bloggers as I would have liked, and didn't find any other mummy bloggers though I know there were some there....I'm hoping I find it easier to meet/find people at Britmums!

After the talks, we had our photos taken by the photographer..and Kier stole the show of course!

But all in all, it was a fun day!

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