Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sleep Aids...Do they work?

For just about as long as I can remember, I have struggled with sleeping.

I always find it so difficult to just switch off at night time and drift off into a nice peaceful sleep.

And so I end up staying awake most of the night, which resulsts in me not functioning great the next day...

Over the years I have tried so many things to try to combat the problem, but I've never had too much success.

I had assumed a baby would be the ultimate cure for my problems but I got quite a lazy one who doens't usually get up until after 9 am so he doesn't really tire me out too much!

Silentnight are conducting a Sleep Clinic online to try to help some of the nation's poor sleep sufferers, and suggest some things that may help.

I tried out their suggestions of a sleep spray and a sleep mask.

I tried both separately at first and then together. 

I found the sleep mask a little irritating to use - I don't like the dark very much and tend to sleep with a hallway light on, so the feeling of a complete blackout and not being able to open my eyes was quite anxiety-inducing for me.

Needless to say - it didn't work well!

I then tried the spray which you spray onto muscles around 30 bedtimes before bedtime after showering, and I found I had more success with this. I still took a while to fall asleep but I did sleep very soundly once I nodded off.

My own personal tips for sleeping well - things that do tend to work for me - are:

*Getting lots of fresh air during the day - on days when I am out and about a lot, I always tend to sleep much easier
*Trying to reduce screentime on Ipads and phones right before bed - I find my mind is buzzing too much when I`m trying to sleep otherwise!
*Gentle lighting - I personally don't sleep well in the dark so gentle soft lighting tends to help create a relaxing atmosphere for me

What things do you find help you sleep better? I'd love to hear any tips!

To try out the Silentnight Sleep Clinic yourself, just click here

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