Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Wooden Playden: Review

There's something about wooden toys.

They invoke a vision of children in years gone by, images of fun being had without the need for computer screens and repetitive headache-inducing music which so many of Tyne's favourite toys seem to feature as standard.

As much as Tyne does enjoy the noisy toys and the ipad apps - it's nice to offer a simpler alternative.

For example, this wooden car has recently become one of Tyne's favourite things to play with.

Every morning, he comes downstairs and heads straight for his toy box....he sticks his chubby little hand inside, feels around, casts aside a few teddies and trains...until he finds it.

And then he sits for a good ten minutes, just running it along the ground, and occasionally pointing to it and saying "Car!"

Infact, he couldn't say that word until he got this toy. He loves it so much that he has actually learned the word for ask for it when he can't find it. He sits there, looks around him, looks at us and asks...."Car?"

Considering this is only his third word aside from Mummy And Daddy, I am quite pleased! (The other two words being "Door" and "Bubble"....another two things he is quite a big fan of!)

The wooden car is from The Wooden Playden....a lovely website specialising in all manner of wooden products....and is priced at £5.00

They stock a lovely range of toys, but also nursery and bedroom items including some beautiful handmade clocks.

The Wooden Playden sent us one of their Handmade Wooden Puzzles to have a play with.

The pieces are chunky and easy for little hands to get to grips with, they are of a high quality so no amount of bashing is going to cause much damage (which obviously can't be said for the plastic puzzles on offer these days!), and what I loved most is that they come with a little hessian bag to store the pieces in when not being used - such a great idea as how often do puzzle pieces get lost with little ones around?!

The fact that the pieces are numbered is great for encouraging little ones to count and to recognise numbers, and of course puzzles themselves are a wonderful way to encourage hand-eye co-ordination.

This snake puzzle is available here for £10.50 which I think is a great price considering that you're paying something made to last for years upon years.

There is a wide range of puzzles available from The Wooden Playden including number puzzles and alphabet puzzles, and many other beautiful items.

I would highly recommend taking the chance to support a family-run, UK business by checking them out at

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