Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tyne's Ride on Car's REVIEW

About a month ago, Tyne received a very very exciting little package in the post from the lovely people at Asda!

He had not one...but TWO ride-on car's to try out!

His little eyes lit up at seeing the boxes, and Daddy was given the task of getting them all assembled.

First up was the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

I think just about everybody is familiar with this really has become a classic and iconic feature of childhood.

Unfortunately for Jon, he did have quite a difficult time getting it assembled - I had nothing to do with the process but I will pass on his exact words which were: "This is the hardest thing I have ever had to assemble".

Oh dear!

However, it did only take him about an hour so it could have been worse....and once it was assembled it was worth the effort! (I thought so anyway...he might disagree!)

It's easy to see why this has become such a classic toy - the bright red & yellow colour choices are great as it really draws the eye and catches the attention of children, and Tyne seemed to instantly fall in love with its big oval eyes.

The car is very easy to maneuver both on carpet and outdoors, and seems very sturdy.

Everything is smooth and rounded so there are no worries about baby toppling around it and causing any damage on any sharp parts.

It is also weighted enough that it's safe for baby to stand behind and push around, which Tyne loves to do....You will often find him putting his favourite teddies inside and pushing them around the garden.

He also seems to enjoy just sitting in it - we leave it in the living room sometimes and he loves to sit inside while he watches TV.

He moves the steering wheel in a driving motion (though the steering wheel does not actually have any control over the direction of the wheels), and loves beeping the horn.

What I thought was a very good feature and one I didn't realise the Cozy Coupe had until we were sent this one, is that you can have it so that the childs legs come out through the bottom to enable them to control it using their feet or you can have the bottom closed so that there is no open space inside and the childs legs are inside the car at all times - this is much more appropriate for younger children like Tyne who are likely to be pushed around by an adult as it stops their legs from getting in the way and possibly being hurt.

So what about the Big Benz?

Did you know that over six million of these cars have been sold worldwide making it the world's best selling toy car?!

It's easy to see why....the steering wheel, comfortable seat and functional steering makes kids feel like grown-ups...Tyne was absolutely in his element driving this around the living room (unfortunately it rained the day we tested it out!)

The material used seems to be a very durable plastic that will last year after year, and probably for child after child too.

This is a super cool car for only the coolest kids in the playground...Jon was just as much a fan of this as Tyne was, infact he looked pretty envious as he watched Tyne drive it around the living room!

Both of these cars are fantastic toys and each has their selling points.

I think both would make fantastic gifts - at his current age we think the cozy coupe is best suited to Tyne and this is the one we have left out for him to play with, whereas because the Benz has self-controlled steering and Tyne isn't quite at this stage yet we have put this to one side for the time being - so perhaps if you're looking for a child of around 2 and over, the Benz would be the one to go for!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is available from Asda - usually for £40.00 but currently on sale for the bargain price of £30.00!

The Big Benz SLK is available from Asda - usually for £58.00 but currently on sale for £53.00

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