Thursday, 10 July 2014

Baby Watch: 15 Months

Dear Tyne,

It only seems like last week you turned one, but you are now over 15 months old (Mummy is late with this update, oops!)

We watched your 1st Birthday Video together this morning and it's crazy to see how much you've grown since then! I never really notice the changes until I look at photos or videos.

You are much more like a little boy now than a baby....which makes me a bit sad, but is still very exciting.


You still love your food! You are not very keen at all on letting us feed you now so we hardly ever do....usually only if something is extra messy and we're in a hurry. 
You don't quite have the hang of using a fork, although you are trying, but you feed yourself with your hands no problem.

You still haven't ever refused any meals other than the one time you refused Tuna jacket potato at about 12 months...other than that, you eat absolutely anything.

This week you had a bit of constipation so we fed you prunes which we expected you to not like (because they're vile!) but you happily chomped away on them.

You seem to enjoy pasta meals the most, and you still make your "Nom nom" noises at every meal.

Your latest thing is sharing your food...whenever you have anything to snack on, you always try to feed some to Mummy & Daddy without us asking.


Since your last update we finally managed to sort your bedroom out and move you in!! Yay!!

So you are now in your own big boy bedroom.

You didn't seem to notice the change at all, but Mummy & Daddy were very sad without you! (Yes we are saddos!)

You go to bed around 8.30 at the moment, you used to go earlier but with the lighter nights you don't seem to be sleepy until 8.30 and this suits us pretty well as we quite enjoy our evenings sitting and reading after dinner.

Once you're in bed, you don't tend to wake up unless you lose your dummy and then it's only for a few seconds until one of us gives it back to you and you go straight back to sleep.

You tend to wake up around 6 am, and come in to our bed for cuddles where you usually drop back off until about 9.

Your Milestones

You seem to be developing at a rate of knots lately!

Every day you are doing something new or saying a new's constantly taking us by surprise.

You now have 10 words in your vocabulary.

They are:

("Dode" is your word for your dummy!)

Today you were playing with your Little Tikes Cozy Coupe when you pointed at it and said "Car" clearly as anything. I clapped for you, and you thought this was the best thing ever!

You then walked around saying "Car" repeatedly and looking at me to clap for you for about the next 45 minutes......Hmm!!

Yesterday we also had what felt like our first proper conversation...You were watching TV and you started to really laugh at something. I said "What are you laughing at Mr?!" expecting no turned and looked at me, pointed to the TV and said "Bath".

When I looked at the TV, sure'd been laughing at a cartoon showing a bath tub rolling down a hill!

I was shocked that you had: A)Understood my question, B)Known how to answer me and C)Knew how to say the word Bath!


You point all the time, it's your favourite way of communicating what you want and you direct us around like your personal chauffeurs with your pointing.

You are now a pro at standing up unaided, and do it all the time.

You have taken solo steps on a few occasions now but never more than 1 or 2 at a time, so I don't yet class it as proper much prefer to crawl!

You also love to are constantly climbing up onto the sofa, and you like to climb up all the stairs by yourself now (with us behind you).

What we've been doing

We've had quite a busy couple of months, with a lovely family holiday to Cornwall and an overnight stay in North Devon last month.

 We've also had some lovely days out....this week we've been to Living Coasts and while we were there I picked up some leaflets for local days out, so we'll certainly be having lots of Summer adventures over the next couple of months!

We're also hoping to get our visit to Peppa Pig World in soon which I know you'll love, and we're looking forward to our cruise holiday in September.

We've been enjoying lots of days at the beach which you just little beach baby!

Your next update will be at 18 months, I hope the time doesn't pass too quickly as that just sounds so old!!

Lots of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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