Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Oh the life of a blogger.

I swear my friends see my blog work as one big free ride.....Restaurant reviews, gifted products and so on.

Yes it's GREAT...there are a lot of perks and I enjoy the hell out of them.

But didn't you ever hear the phrase "There's no such thing as a free lunch?"

That is very true!

All these products and review opportunities are wonderful but they are definitely not free.

The arranging, the photo taking, the photo editing, the review writing, the social media shout outs, the post promotion, the liasing with PRs....it all takes work. Lots of work! Hours upon hours if you add it all up.

And the thing with being a blogger is....work never really ends.

You are "at work" whenever you are within arms reach of your iPhone.

Even when you tell yourself you're "Off duty"....an email pings through and you are too tempted to avoid replying right away.

Interacting with fellow bloggers and followers on social media is fun....it's too tempting to avoid it.

Even at the beach I can't quite stop myself from getting involved in Instagram chats.

And then there are the deliveries.

Oh how I love them, but oh how irritating can they be?!

You will wait days, weeks even for a much anticipated parcel....you are a shut in for what feels like forever....and then the second you nip out for milk, you can guarantee you'll come to a "Sorry We Missed You" card.

Do they wait around the corner until they see me leave?!

Some of these companies seem to make it just impossible to retrieve that parcel too.

There are no numbers on the card, you have to be Sherlock Homes to track down their contact details and reschedule that delivery.

At least some delivery companies make it easy....we had a TNT delivery today that we'd missed last week, super easy to re-arrange and a friendly driver who didn't make a joke about my blog name on the package for once!
Why can't they all make it so simple?!

Then there is storage.

I have a whole room of my house we simply call "The Sample Room"....I've lost count of how many times I've organised it only to have the pile of products start creeping their way out of the door again.

And the boxes!!!! why so much packaging?! And why send those awful packaging peanuts to a blogger that you know has a small child who will a)Try to eat them and b)dive into them and throw them all over the house!

So yes....the life of a Blogger can be a very blessed one, but nothing in life comes without it's little annoyances!

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