Friday, 18 July 2014

Do's & Don'ts of Visiting Dublin With Children

Ireland is a country I have always wanted to visit, yet despite living just over the water in Liverpool for most of my life I have yet to actually go there.

I am determined to change that and get myself over as soon as possible, Dublin in particular is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

Of course now that I will be travelling there with Tyne in tow, there is more to think about when it comes to planning our trip.

Here's my breakdown of the Dos & Don'ts of visiting Dublin with children.

DO...use the trip as an educational experience.

Dublin has a rich history, and there are countless museums, castles and other educational experiences available to you which will help encourage your children to learn.

For example, The Little Museum Of Dublin tells the story of the city of Dublin from 1900 up to 2000, the museum provides worksheets for child visitors to help them get the most out of their visit and they aim to provide a great opportunity for parents to teach children about the city in a fun and interesting way.

DO...Book a central hotel

Booking a hotel in Central Dublin allows you to explore the city without having to travel too much. Let's face it, travelling with tinies in tow can be a nightmare for everyone at the best of times but particularly in a city you're not familiar with. 
Websites such as Hotel Direct really take the fuss out of finding the perfect hotel for your stay.

DO...Embrace the whimsy!

Part of Ireland's charm for me is in it's folklore, and so a definite must-visit destination would be The National Leprechaun Museum.

The museum is the first of its kind dedicated to Irish Myth...children and adults alike will surely be kept entertained by experiencing what life would be like in a leprechaun-sized world and even journey-ing to the end of the rainbow to find out if that elusive pot of gold really exists!

DON'T...forget the countryside!

Dublin city centre if, of course, a fantastic attraction with so much to see and do....but Ireland is known for it's wide open spaces and spectacular countryside which are surely not to be missed.
Tours companies such as Aran Tours provide day trips to Wicklow...also known as the Garden Of Ireland....where you can delight in the rolling green hills and valleys.

DON'T...forget that you are going out of the UK!

Ireland may be right on our doorstep but it is another country, nonetheless!
You WILL need EURO's and some airlines will require a valid passport, so this is worth checking on before you travel.

DON'T...rely on the weather!

Ireland has a reputation for being....well, pretty soggy! It may be the middle of Summer but it would be advisable to pack for all weather possibilities, you don't want to be caught short!

Whatever you do, enjoy it! Dublin has so much to offer for family breaks, and I cannot wait to finally get to see it!

Now to start saving!

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