Sunday, 6 July 2014

Getting Musical with Boikido!

Music is one of my biggest passions in life.

I adore music, I always have.

My taste is very varied, but I am always listening to something - whether at home, in the car or wherever - there will be music.

Considering how much I love it, it's perhaps surprising that I don't play any instruments.

I would love to be able to but have never had the time or chance to learn.

Because of this I have always said I would love my children to take piano lessons - I fully intend to start Tyne as soon as he is old enough. 

But in the meantime, I think its important to introduce him to the world of musical instruments as early as possible.

For this reason we were delighted to be asked to try out a new range of high quality musical instruments from Boikido.

Now, like me, you may be unfamiliar with that name.....but they are actually more familiar than you would think.... Boikido are a offshoot of Nuk, the very well known and highly regarded feeding product company.

BoiKido specialise in producing high quality wooden toys - every piece is stunning, I have my eye on this gorgeous workbench for when Tyne is a little older!

The items we were sent to try out were the Giraffe Xylophone (£29.99)

This is a beautiful handmade item, and the colours are just gorgeous. I love that there is no assembly required, and everything is so easy to take out of the box too - no 30 minutes of struggling with an impatient child at your feet!

Tyne has loved playing with the xylophone and got the hang of it straight away, it keeps him entertained for ages and he particularly loves sitting on my knee while I play a little (very basic!) tune.

We also received the My first Drum (£16.99)

Tyne adores this!!

He loves to "bang bang" on anything he can...usually tables, the sofa or his highchair to be shown something that is actually supposed to "Bang bang" on was a whole new world for him!

He loves sitting and banging his hands on it....he definitely prefers this but will happily use the drumsticks when we prompt him too!

I really like the fact that the drumsticks attach to the side of the drum for safe keeping, as its so easy to misplace these sorts of things when storing them.

The drum is really effective, and so attractive to look at it with its bright colours and super cute animal face designs around the outside.

We have been so impressed with the high quality of Boikido products and we certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy more!


If you want to try out a Boikido product yourself , you can use this exclusice discount code which will give you 25% off any full priced item from the Boikido or NUK ranges!

The code to use is: SPARKLES25

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