Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Healgel Intensive: Review

A few weeks ago, you may recall I blogged about my Hydraclean facial at Reebok's Re:Spa which was absolutely amazing and left my skin looking and feeling the best it has done in years.

Unfortunately, after the samples they gave me run out - my skin started to look a bit iffy.

I'm not sure if this was because of the change in weather - perhaps my skin just doesn't fare too well in the heat - but whatever the reason I was noticing a lot of irritating little pimpes around my eyebrows and on my cheeks.

I don't usually suffer with spots at all, but when they do flare up they really get me down - they tend to be painful and I feel that they are very obvious no matter how much I try to disguise them with make up.

I tried different cleansers, scrubs and face masks but nothing seemed to be helping.

I then remembered that I had recently been sent some Healgel intensive to try out.

Healgel is made up of a three-part hyaluronic acid complex with omega oils, which are designed to keep skin calm, hydrated and revitalised.

Because I don't usually have any issues with my skin I hadn't felt the need to use it previously, but now seemed a good time to try it.

I wasn't expecting a great deal from it as nothing else I had tried had made any difference.

I followed the directions and applied it to the affected areas - the bottle says to apply a few times per day as needed, but I just used it once a day at night.

I found that within about 24 hours the pimples were looking far less angry and seemed to be starting to disappear.

By the end of the second day, they were gone completely!

I am very impressed with how well this works.

At £37.50 for 30ml  I do feel it is quite pricey and I probably wouldn't buy it again personally as I don't tend to suffer with my skin very often and it's not usually bad enough to warrant spending that much, but if I suffered with skin problems on a regular basis I would certainly say it was worth the investment.

To view more from the Healgel range or to purchase, please visit

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