Sunday, 13 July 2014

I'm an Official Zumba Ambassador!

I'm very excited to have been chosen as an official Zumba Blogger Ambassador!

So often on this blog the focus is all on baby & mummy things, so it's nice to have something that just is about me for a change.

I first tried Zumba a few years ago, pre-baby, and I LOVED it.

I hate working out in the traditional sense...gyms and running are just not for me....but dancing is something I LOVE to do, so the idea of combining dance and exercise is right up my street.

I was sent some lovely Zumba fitness clothes and a full DVD set to get me started on my Zumba journey - the DVDs are just ideal as I can pop them on once Tyne has gone to bed for the night, and have a good old dance around my living room...having fun but knowing I'm also getting a real workout! There's no denying that when you see how much you've sweated at the end of a routine!!

The clothes are so lovely for fitness wear....they have a real latin flavour about them with the cut-out shoulders, which makes them feel a bit more glam than your average workout wear! Infact I've even worn them to my local gym for some yoga classes as I just felt they were wasted at home!

I am looking forward to attending a Zumba class soon, which I shall of course be reporting back on!

In the meantime, here is an Introduction to Zumba from UK Zumba education specialist Caroline Parsons.

Zumba is a fitness class, which combines exercise and International dance in a fun and easy to follow format resulting in a great workout, which anyone can do. The class is structured like a regular group exercise class incorporating the same warm-up and cool down but uses Latin and International music and dance styles to energise the workout and make it seem more like a party than a workout. 
Zumba has grown and evolved so much during my time with the brand and will continue to do so in the future. People often ask me if is it a fad.  Is music a fad? Is dancing a fad? No. As long as people love to move and dance to music, Zumba will be there. Now in over 180 countries around the world Zumba brings movement, exercise and fitness to 15 million people every week, who before may have found even the concept of an exercise class intimidating, boring and unachievable.
There are now many other Zumba class formats taught too so there really is a class for everyone whatever your level of ability, fitness or age:
·         Zumba Step – reinvigorating the use of steps and utilising the raised levels with the Zumba moves
·         Zumba Sentao – an amazing class format adding a chair to be both your workout equipment and dance partner
·         Zumba Toning – uses light toning maracas to add additional work for upper mid and lower bodies
·         Aqua Zumba – adapts Zumba’s dance moves with aquatic exercise moves in a shallow water class
·         Zumba Gold – designed for complete beginners to exercise or to those who may need adaptations made to their workout due to age or injury
·         Zumba Kids and Kids Jr – a great class for ages 4-12yrs
In recent UK news, we are really excited to have just completed work with Lifetime Training and The Exercise Movement & Dance Academy to create a brand new government recognised fitness qualification, Zumba Combo, which combines existing group exercise instructor training with the Zumba teaching format so that instructors can teach in gyms. 

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