Thursday, 3 July 2014

Like Father, Like Son....

With his blonde hair and blue eyes, there's no denying that Tyne takes after me much more than Jon when it comes to appearance.

Jon has dark (greying admittedly, but dark!) hair and dark brown eyes, and quite olivy-toned skin so pretty much the exact opposite to Tyne.

But lately I've noticed that although they may not look alike, they do seem to be like each other in other respects.

They both seem to share a love of trains - for Tyne it started with Thomas The Tank Engine.

We bought him a ride on Thomas for his first Christmas which he adored, and after that he started to pay more attention to Thomas on the TV....

Now he is obsessed with it! He recognises the first bar of music from the Thomasland advert and squeals when he hears it even if he has back to the TV, then goes scuttling over to watch it.

He constantly wants the Thomas stories read to him, and so on...

I thought it was limited to just Thomas, but lately I've noticed that's actually trains in general!

At the beach a few days ago a steam train went past, and Tyne was ridiculously excited - shrieking, pointing and trying to crawl after it!

Meanwhile Jon was standing behind him, boring me to tears with details of exactly what kind of train that was and when they were built....

I've also noticed on more than one occasion that they seem to dress very similar.

Of course, Tyne's clothes choices are made pretty much exclusively by me....but I certainly don't shop for Jon.

However, I do think that perhaps it's more a case of Father taking outfit inspiration from trendy toddler than anything else!

They do both seem to often end up wearing similar checked shirts and jeans, which looks adorable. I often shop in House Of Fraser for Tyne's little shirts and I'll find Jon browsing the mens section trying to find something similar!

And of course, on some occasions I have aided the dress-a-like thing with matching sets.....

Tyne & Jon also seem to share a similar zany sense of humour, and they love a bit of rough & tumble.

Often I stand by with my heart in my mouth as Jon throws Tyne around and Tyne laughs hysterically. 

It's interesting watching Tyne grow and seeing how similar they are.....

Of course I still hope he continues to look more like me simply because I like it when people point out our similarities, and I do hope he inherits my sense of humour (One bad joker teller in the family is enough!!)...

But it is pretty adorable to see his similarities to his Daddy too.

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