Monday, 28 July 2014


You're going to have to excuse the serious lack of effort with this week's MamaStyle Monday folks...ever since I came back from London on Wednesday I have been SO ILL!!

The sickest i`ve been in AGES!

I think it's a chest infection, but all I know is that I can't stop coughing - my throat and ears are killing me, every part of me is in agony from all the violent coughing, and I can't stay awake for longer than an hour!

So obviously this week has not been ideal for taking photos and I haven't even managed to get dressed most days if I'm honest!

I'm hoping to be well enough again next week so actually put some effort into a post, but for now I'm sharing one of the few actual outfits I wore this week that wasn't pyjamas (Although they are as comfortable as them and my niece has asked if they are PJs before!!!) and, as a few people asked about my This Morning outfit, I'll be talking about that too!

So this was my one proper outfit of the week!

I LOVE wearing things like this when I`m staying around the house or just nipping out to a couple of shops, or over to visit my sister.

It's SO comfortable, it really does feel like you're still in your PJs!

The plain white top was £4 from Asda.
The zebra print bottoms were from New Look for around £14.99
And the Sandals were also from New Look for around £12.99

And the This Morning outfit!

OH MY GOODNESS you would not believe the stress I had trying to find something to wear!

Infact, I was still out shopping at 8.30 on Tuesday night when I was due to leave for the show at 6am on Wednesday!

The show stipulates that you cannot wear anything patterned (Apparently Ruth is an exception to that rule!), you cannot wear anything white and you cannot wear logos.

Logos I understand, and even white to a degree....but I'm not sure if they realise how impossible it is to find ANYTHING without any pattern!

Everything I own is patterned! My tops, kimonos, dresses, everything I usually wear....all patterned! I don't do plain!

I went to every shop you can imagine.....Wallis, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, M & S, Matalan, Outfit, Next.....NONE of them had anything in that was plain and was a complete outfit!

It was a nightmare and I very nearly cancelled the whole appearance in frustration. I actually typed out the email to send to the producer to say I wasn`t going because I couldn't find anything to wear!

I decided to try one last shop....the only one that was still open at 8.30....Tesco!

And - at last! - I found this plain bright blue top for £12!

I found a black best to wear underneath it for £3, and a statement necklace reduced to £7.50 which matched it well....but I didn't know what to wear on the bottom.

All I could find that matched was black jeans which were £8.

I actually wore them on the show with a pair of bright blue suede heels, which matched the top perfectly (I already had those at home) - unfortunately my feet were never in shot and by the time I came to have photos taken at the end of the show I was on my way home so had changed back into my flats!!! 

But I promise the outfit looked much better with the heels!

 The reason I'm sharing these posts is to celebrate Mama's & the  style they choose to rock....To celebrate our post-baby bodies and the way we dress them...

If you want to join in with me, just share a photo of your favourite look from the past week...either in a blog post, tweet or Instagram...Be sure to share the link with me!

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