Thursday, 31 July 2014

Me & Mine: July 2014

This month has passed by in such a blur.

Infact the calendar in my bedroom is honestly still on July 3rd....I see it every day and think to myself "Someone has made a mistake cannot possibly be the end of July already!"

We've had a busy month, I know that much.....but if you offered me all the tea in china I could not tell you exactly what we've been busy doing!!!  When I cast my mind back we haven't done all that much more than usual, but it's felt busy.

All month I've been thinking to myself "I must make sure we take our family portrait soon...." and of course, here we are at the end of the month and up until this evening we hadn't taken one!

Tonight we were heading out to a local carnival procession .... carnivals are one of my favourite thing about summer and it's the processions I love the most!

We drove there at 7.30, when we'd usually be starting the bedtime routine, because what's the point in routines and rules if you're not going to break them every now and then?!

We watched all the floats go past, watched the majorettes dance, listened to the music....

And afterwards, I remembered our family portrait!

So we ran over to the colourful beach huts, set the camera up on timer on the sea wall and prayed it wouldn't fall in!...

The battery was almost dead, so I knew we only had a minute or so to get the portrait.

Luckily for us a kind man asked if we'd like a group photo, and he took the one below for us....

it's not perfect at all and I'd happily crop myself out of it if I could, but it's the one photo that we're all looking in the right direction....and the evening sky looks pretty magnificent behind us!

Our hurried last minute attempt got us 3 silly photos where Jon & I look a little bit deranged, and Tyne is looking anywhere but at the camera.....but I like them anyway.

We were laughing so much while we threw Tyne around, tickled him and swung him between us to try and make him laugh....we were having lots of fun at the end of a fun Summers evening out.

Just like life.....It might not be perfect, but I love it's imperfections anyway.

dear beautiful
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