Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Mini Me!

I know this might sound a bit shallow...but without a doubt my favourite part of having a child is being able to dress them!

I've always been a bit of a shopaholic so having a little person to buy cute outfits for and style is bliss for me.

I thought when I found out that I was having a boy that I wouldn't enjoy the shopping as much without buying the pretty dresses and hairbands....I was wrong!

Shopping for a boy in a way is more challenging....there are lovely girls clothes available in most places but boys clothes are harder to hunt down.

But that makes it all the more fun to shop! It's like a challenge....it'd be easy to just give in and buy whatever is readily available but I have a style in mind when I dress Tyne that I like to stick to, even if it means a lot of shopping around.

This week we've really had some fun with outfits, as House Of Fraser set us a challenge to put together an outfit for Tyne from their Childrens Range to match an outfit of mine!

I spent ages browsing the range as I was so spoiled for choice, I had no idea that House Of Fraser stocked so many top designer brands such as Ralph Lauren - I will certainly be shopping there more in future.

Once I spotted this Guns & Roses T Shirt from Amplified, I knew I'd found the outfit!

I usually dress Tyne in quite a classic style - opting for shirts, jeans, dungarees and lots of baby blue. 
But actually I was surprised by how much he suited more of a "trendy" style!

I paired the t shirt with some lovely crisp white cotton trousers from Patit Bateau, and some adorable grey moccasins which he already had but matched perfectly!

So how did it match my outfit?

Well I have the Guns N Roses Amplified vest top! 

This is one of my favourite vest tops to wear in the summer, it's so comfortable and paired with my white jeggings it gives a casual & comfortable but stylish overall look.

Little Man & Me had so much fun playing around in the garden, with him bashing on his drum in true rocker style and me using him as a makeshift guitar (As you do!)

 He soon perfected his "Rock Face" after watching me strike that pose a few times, too!

What was especially cute was when he noticed that our tops were the same....he kept pointing to the rose on his t shirt and then to the rose on mine, and saying "Fffff"....in an attempt to say "Flower!"

So adorable!

I thought I might feel a bit odd wearing the matching outfits for the rest of the day but I actually loved it!

We'll be wearing our matchy sets pretty often, I think!

Tyne Is Wearing:

Amplified Guns & Roses T Shirt - House Of Fraser - £18.00
Petit Bateau Slim Fit White Trousers - House Of Fraser - £32.00
Freshly Picked Moccasins -  Freshly Picked - $60.00

Mummy Is Wearing:

Amplified Guns & Roses Vest - New Look - £14.99
White Jeggings - New Look - £9.99

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