Wednesday, 30 July 2014

NetFlix #StreamTeam

You may have seen me showing this little beauty off a bit on social media a week or so ago....

This was my very generous and lovely gift from the amazing team at Netflix as a thank you for being part of the Stream Team!

We have been having so much fun getting lots of use out of this.....Tyne LOVES playing on the Ipad (he has all his own apps, Thomas The Tank Engine being his favourite!)

Infact since our new Ipad Mini arrived, Tyne has actually learnt to take his own #selfie and smile & pose for the camera! All at 16 months old....eeek!

He loves watching Netflix in the mornings....I find that during the school holidays the usual kids TV channels seem to cater more for older children, Disney in particular seems to always be playing Barbie movies which he's just not interested in....but now with the Ipad and the Apple TV he can watch the Thomas The Tank Engine through Netflix directly on the's so easy to do and plays just as perfectly as if you were watching a standard TV channel.

I've discovered some great movies through Netflix myself this month, my favourite discovery was "The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom"....

I got a bit obsessed with all things Dolly during the whole Glastonbury buzz, and when I saw this movie flash up on Netflix as a suggested title I couldn't resist.

I love Indie movies and this one did not dissapoint!

It follows a pre-teen girl and her discovery that she is adopted, which leads her to follow her idol Dolly Parton across the state to confront her and find out if she could be her birth mother.

It's a great parts touching and sad, and in parts funny....the perfect mix!

I love that having Netflix has got me back into watching movies more lately, it's always been a hobby I've loved but since having Tyne I was never able to keep up with postal subscription services....Netflix is the ideal answer to all my problems!

Do you use Netflix? Are there any movies or shows you'd recommend to me? 

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