Monday, 7 July 2014

Ob Gob Nom Nom.....

Since Tyne turned one I've noticed his personality coming out more and more.

He's a real little character - I think he always has been - he's never really seemed like a  normal baby to me, I've always noticed so many little quirks he has and things he does that seem so ahead of his years - at least to me they do.

I wanted to share some of these little things he does - just tiny little quirks and attributes, but when added together they combine to make him who he is - my cheeky little chappy, full of fun and full of personality.

*When he gets up in the morning and sits in his highchair having his breakfast - he sneezes twice.
Always twice.
And always as soon as we sit him in the high chair. 
He rarely sneezes at any other time.

*When we say "Love you" he laughs and makes his kissing face....which looks more like a fish impression but is still super cute.

*When I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV with my legs up, he comes along to the end of the sofa where my feet are - he leans in with his mouth wide open looking straight at though he's going to bite my toes. When I fake-squeal he giggles and walks away - he's only teasing me but I find it so cute that he has a little sense of humour and already knows how to tease and play jokes!

*When Thomas The Tank Engine comes on TV, he SQUEALS the most high pitch excited squeal you'll ever excited...and points madly at Thomas.

*When the Birds Eye ad with the bear in the freezer or the advert with Brian the robot come on...he stops whatever he's doing to sit and watch the whole thing...then carries on playing when they finish.

*When I whisper to him "Lets Get Daddy" he laughs and goes straight to Jon to dive on him and try to tickle him or bite his nose. favourite thing...when he's hungry, he walks over to the baby gate at the kitchen door, stands there and shouts...."OB GOB NOM NOM!"....

"Nom nom" has been what Tyne says to refer to food for months....the Ob Gob part is new....but we guess that it means "I want nom nom"...

I love his little language, and Jon & I often ask each other these days when we're feeling a bit peckish...."Ob gob nom nom?"

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