Sunday, 20 July 2014

Our Summer Favourites

 It may only be July, but it feels like we've really been making the most of this Summer....

We've already had so many lovely Beach days, and a couple of lovely holidays and weekend really does feel like this Summer has stretched out and there's still so much of it left to enjoy!

We've found some fantastic new Summer products already this year which I thought I'd share with you with today.

Summer Beach Toys

As we've been spending a lot of time at various beaches, we've been introducing Tyne to the wonderful world of sandcastle building!

We were sent the Alto sandcastle toys from fantastically funky beach toy brand Quut and we were so impressed!

As you can see from the above photo, the Alto is comprised of 3 stackable sand simply fill each one in turn with sand, and remove the moulds one by one...

and Voila!

Perfect 3 tiered sandcastles!!!

We had so much fun playing around with these, I had just about managed to create quite the Sandcastle village but Tyne-The-Destroyer came along and demolished before I'd had chance to photograph my masterpiece!!

I highly recommend the Alto for keeping kids happy on the beach this summer, and they have such a wide range of incredibly funky looking and fun toys for the beach and water play which I will most certainly be investing in more of!

To view the full range please visit

Safe Snoozing

Going to the beach with a young baby can be difficult if it interferes with nap time, but the Sleep pod shade from Cheeky Rascals is a perfect solution.

This black out sleep shade with viewing panel makes it safe and comfortable for baby to snooze in their pushchair or car seat (its universal too, so fits pretty much any pushchair or seat) - well worth investing in for the summer!

Available from Cheeky Rascals

Sun Protection

Of course the most important product you'll buy for the Summer is skin protection.

I am extremely fair skinned and I have always burnt very easily...infact going out in the sunshine has always been a bit of a nightmare for me as I have to be SO very careful to apply factor 50 sunscreen to every inch of me, as one little mistake can leave me in pain for days and obviously burning is so unhealthy.

Tyne is also very fair skinned and so the sun is a real worry for me where he is concerned.

I have never found a sun screen which was worth writing home about, they all do an ok job but they are usually a bit of a pain to apply and leave a sticky feeling on the skin.

But Sunsense have honestly been a revelation in sun protection for me.

Their products do not seem to leave the same sticky feeling I'm used to, and they work so well - we have used them every time we have visited a beach this Summer and I have yet to burn at all - and I have even been able to get a tan despite wearing the Factor 50!! Getting a nice tan without any burn is totally unheard of for me...and I love that it's now possible!

My favourite product is the roll-on toddler milk - I have never seen a roll-on sun screen before but it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to apply! Particularly to a child!

Tyne doesn't complain at all when I apply this, I call it his "tickle cream" as he seems to find the roll-on sensation quite tickley...he loves it when I get it out of the bag to put on him, volunteers his arms and legs straight away and giggles his little heart out as I apply it!

Such a change from trying to apply messy, sticky lotions or sprays!

I will continue to look out for this product year after year!

To view the full range, please visit

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