Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Over Halfway To Christmas!

I was as shocked as anyone when I heard this on the radio a few days ago.....we are already over halfway to Christmas!

Less than 6 months to go until the jolly man in red is back to pay a visit and the Christmas Chaos is once again upon us.

I LOVE Christmas so this thought excites me is without a doubt my absolute favourite time of year and to think that its getting closer literally makes me want to squeal with delight!

Last Christmas was one of the best ever - with it being Tyne's first Christmas of course it was always going to be special, and I had so much fun taking him to visit Santa's grotto, having him put a mince pie out for Santa on Christmas eve, going to the Lighting of the Crib at church, getting him all dressed up in his Christmassy best and everything else....

But this year will be the one where he starts to understand a little more.

Not perfectly of course - it'll be the following Christmas when he's almost 3 that he starts to finally understand the concept of Christmas,who Santa is and starts asking questions.

And I'm so excited to tell him stories, stay up late on Christmas eve tracking Santa on Norad's website - and even throughout the year, building up the magic by checking out what Santa is up to on Santa's Lapland (Apparently right now he's perfecting his hot chocolate recipe....).

But this year will still be magical - he's going to understand so much more, and I can't wait to see what he makes of the Christmas decorations.

I've already made a start on Christmas gifts, you can never be too prepared! Tell me I'm not the only one who starts their Christmas Gift list in January?!

But of course realizing that we're over halfway to Christmas makes me think how incredibly quickly this year has gone too.

And it makes me wish I could slow down time just a little, just to enjoy Tyne at the age he is now....

With all these thoughts going around in my head about how half the year is already gone (Damn you radio station for giving me so much to think about!), I decided to take a look back at my 2014 Resolutions and Bucket List to see how I`m getting on at this halfway point.

My resolutions were:

1) Eat Healthier & Broaden My Culinary Horizons
2) Address my anxiety/panic attacks and take steps to resolve them
3) Be more social with Tyne

I'm pretty happy with how 2 is going - I've started seeing a counsellor for the first time and am about 2 months into treatment with her, I`ve also started to take herbal medication to help with this and am taking other steps that I will talk about in more detail soon. I feel I`m doing everything I can to achieve that goal at this point.

I have tried to eat healthier on and off, and I would say I have broadened my horizons somewhat - I drink almond milk now which I had never tried until recently, I have learnt to cook a few new dishes but I do want to step it up and try harder with this one for the remaining 6 months.

And the third resolution I think needs much more effort - I did start going to Mini Music classes but I`m not very good at attending regularly, so I definitely need to work more on this.

I have 9 things on my Bucket List, and so far I have achieved 2 of them and have taken steps toward achieving 2 more. 

I need to get busy on the rest of that list!

I'm glad I heard that story on the radio as its really given me a boost to revisit where I was at the start of the year and where I want to be by Christmas, and given me a push to achieve my goals.

Have you taken a look back at your resolutions or goals for the year? How are you doing with yours?

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