Thursday, 31 July 2014

Perfect Gifts For Little Girls....

As I focus so much on boys toys & products on the blog (Being the mother of a boy!) I do like to stop and focus on girl's things every now & then, as I'm aware that some of my readers do have daughters and birthday inspiration is always welcome!

My niece turns 7 at the end of August, and I want to make sure I get her something special – last year I bought her a beautiful fairy necklace from Market CrossJewellers online which she just adored – so how do I top that this year?! 

With that in mind, this is the first of a two part guide taking a look at what I think are some of the best items on the market for Little Girls at the moment.

Oona Owl Bean Bag

I love anything to do with owls at the moment, so this gorgeous girly bean bag from R U Comfy really caught my eye! I think the design is so cute, and a bean bag would surely make a welcome change from the endless toys, books & stationery little girls tend to receive as gifts.

I think this would make such an unusual gift and would really brighten up any little girl's bedroom!

The bean bag can even be personalised with the childs name which would be such a lovely touch, and its available in 3 sizes so there will be something suitable for pretty much any bedroom.

R U Comfy have a great range of funky, alternative bean bags for girls & boys...well worth a look!

Available for £29.99 from

Darcey Ballerina Rag Doll by Silver Cross

I am a HUGE fan of Silver Cross as a brand, their prams & pushchair's are without a doubt one of the very highest in my estimations and certainly the only "modern" style of pram that I have any desire whatsoever to own....but who knew that they also make toys?!

I was excited to take a closer look at Darcey and I was NOT disappointed.

Just imagine all the class, elegance and traditional beauty you would expect from a Silver Cross pram and imagine that in doll form....and there you have Darcey.

The presentation is exceptional - Darcey comes in a stunning clean white box with viewing window, showing her and her little accessories off perfectly. She looked so exquisite that I didn't really want to open her.

But I was glad I did....the quality is fantastic, and her clothes are just the cutest.

She comes wearing a traditional leotard, tutu and ballet pumps - all of which are removable.

Darcey also has adorable pink pyjamas and slippers ready to change into.

I loved that her arms and legs are posable so that she can be put into various ballet positions.

My nieces absolutely loved playing with Darcey, I think this would make a stunning gift for any little girl.

Available for £40.00 from Silver Cross.

Sylvanian Families - Freya's Day At The Seaside

Sylvanian Families are just timeless.

I'm sure we all remember collecting them ourselves as children, and my 7 year old niece is no different - she has collected them for years and just loves receiving new families and sets for any birthday or Christmas.

Freya is a very cute little bunny and in this set, she's all set for a day at the seaside!

The set includes a deck chair, table and parasol, beach bag, a glass of juice and a swim ring - and of course Freya herself looking beach ready in her pretty swimming costume!

This is a gorgeous little gift for any Sylvanian Families enthusiast or to start off a collection - available from Amazon for £12.99

Sylvanian Families are running a fantastic competition this summer with an amazing £1,000 Forest Holiday up for grabs! All you have to do is photograph your sylvanian families enjoying their summer adventures! 

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