Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Shopping for Baby Boys

One of the things I found challenging after finding out I was expecting a boy was shopping for boy clothes.

I always seemed to find myself walking past aisle after aisle of beautiful baby girls clothes....frills, lace, lots of pink, cute floral headbands, pretty ballerina socks....the racks were filled with endless options.

But, in most stores, a walk over to the boys section left me bitterly disappointed....

Dark colours or super bright prints seem the only available options. Trucks and cars, monsters and horrendous Mickey Mouse images printed large & loud in primary colours on front of t shirts and plain boring old jeans....I was very hard pushed to find anything else.

I'm sure these styles do appeals to some people but not to me.

Just because I was having a baby boy, I didn't want him to be any less fancy than a baby girl could be.

I wanted the pastel colours, I wanted the frills and the delicate detailing, I wanted trendy....

I did NOT want primary colours, plain denim and anything with Monsters, Trucks or Mickey Mouse is firmly banned at least until he's old enough to demand what he wants for himself....

Luckily after a few months I did manage to find the kind of style I wanted, there ARE some beautiful clothes out there for boys....they are just that bit harder to find.

Online & Boutique Stores

My favourite way to shop for Tyne has been online and in local boutique stores.

I have found some fantastic websites for gorgeous boy clothes which I use a lot.

Petit Bateau is one of my absolute favourites - they have such a fantastic range including casual polo tops, dress shirts, nautical and preppy cardigans & sweaters and much more - everything is such high quality and it's not the kind of stuff you see on every other child on the street either, which is a big plus point for me.

Just now whilst getting the link I came across this sweater which I just love...perfect for our upcoming cruise!! I may have had to splurge on it....Oops!

Petit Bateau actually have a great sale on at the moment with many items up to 50% off, so if you're going to have a browse now is a great time to do it!

Boutique stores are also a favourite way to shop for me....While I was living in Liverpool I would frequently visit a local boutique called Baby Melanie which stocked absolutely beautiful Spanishwear such as Tutto Piccolo which I just ADORE, as well as brands such as Emil et Rose....these are without a doubt two of my absolute favourite brands for STUNNING baby boy clothes.

There are luckily a couple of local boutique stores here in Devon stocking these brands too.


There are some Supermarkets who do stock some nice, trendy bits & pieces if you search hard enough among the Disney prints...Tesco & Morrisons are particular favourites of mine, I very rarely find anything I like in Asda or Sainsburys as they tend to focus largely on the things I dislike....but every now & then I`ve managed to find something.

On The High Street

I do love Next's clothes but our local store has a very small boys section compared to the girls section, and I prefer their Winter range...the boys Summer range is a bit too plain for my taste.

My top choices for boys clothes on the high street would have to be Zara and H & M, who both stock a beautiful range of trendy and unusual designs for boys.

I am also a big fan of Mamas & Papas - although their clothes can be quite pricey for a high street store, they are very good quality and they have a decent selection for boys...Sadly there isn't a store in Devon! :(

What are your favourite places to shop for Baby Boys? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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