Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Taking your Baby Abroad This Summer

A first holiday abroad with a baby can be rather daunting. Where should you go and what on earth should you pack? In all honesty though travelling with a young baby, despite all the 'kit' they come with, can be relatively easy, simply because they still sleep an awful lot, leaving you time to relax and enjoy your holiday while they're catching forty winks. A few tips that might come in useful are:

Where to Holiday?

Most people with young children choose to holiday within a few hours of the UK, purely because the amount of time spent on a plane with the possibility of bored and whiny kids is a bit off-putting. Young babies will often sleep throughout the flight, especially if you'll be giving them a bottle at take off to help keep their ears pain free, so you could perhaps opt to go that little bit further, it just depends on what you're comfortable with.

Equally, transfer time to your accommodation often plays a part in where you decide to holiday with children. Stepping off a plane and knowing you have a four hour long transfer is never a particularly appealing thought, so perhaps choose somewhere around an hour or less away from the airport.

In terms of accommodation type, if you fancy getting away from it all and leaving the cooking and cleaning to someone else, a hotel is the option for you. If you prefer your own space away from the crowds, a villa might be more your style. Always ensure you choose somewhere that comes with everything you need for your baby. You'll need a cot, a highchair in the restaurant or your villa, bottle warming facilities in your room (although the sink and some hot water does the job perfectly well) and ideally somewhere that can arrange for a pack of nappies and your chosen milk to be ready and waiting for your on your arrival, saving you the job of lugging them around with you.

What to Wear?

Babies get hot very quickly and you want to ensure your little one is cool and comfortable while you're away. A hot and fussy baby is a miserable baby and that certainly doesn't make for a relaxing break. If it's really hot where you're going a vest and nappy, or even just a nappy, is perfect during the day. In the evening romper suits or little summer dresses, t shirts and shorts are ideal. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.
Don't forget to pack your little one some swimwear if you're planning on taking them in the pool with you and you'll also need to take their baby shoes with you too if they have started trying to walk or pull themselves up. ASDA George baby shoes are perfect for holidays, keeping their little feet cool and protected while they learn to toddle around on their own.

Holidaying with a little one need not be the stressful situation we imagine, so why not treat yourself, and baby, and book that longed for holiday today.

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