Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Ordinary Moments

This weeks ordinary moment wasn't all that ordinary I guess, It's not something we do every day but in another way it is something that has become our ordinary.

Yesterday we met up for a couple of hours with two fellow bloggers and their children at a local play centre.

Jade from Late For Reality was passing through Devon on her way to Cornwall, and so myself and Kate from Family Fever who live in Devon met up with her for a little catch up.

The children played and the mummies had a chance to have a bit of a chat.

When I started my little blog I didn't expect to become part of a community of like-minded people, but that's what has happened - and sometimes it's nice to be able to sit with people who do the same thing as you and chat about it.

It's not something you get to do often as people who don't blog themselves don't really get it, so you tend not to be able to chat about blog-related things.

It's also quite a surreal experience to see these "Blog Kids" in person - you see them almost every day through blogs, Instagram, etc so you recognise their faces immediately and feel like you know them - but of course you don't!

It was lovely to spend a bit of time with Jade & Kate, meet their partners, nice for Jon to be there too and meet some of the people he has to hear me talk about all the time, and nice for the Blog Babies & Kids to meet each other too!

Unfortunately it is nigh on impossible to get 3 children under 2 to look at a camera all at the same time, so we didn't get a very good photo - but nonetheless, I wanted to use it as this week's Ordinary Moment photo simply because I like what it represents.

I really hope to arrange more of these kinds of meet ups involving the kids as well as the parents, after all...they are the reason so many of us blog in the first place, I think it's nice for them to be involved.

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