Monday, 7 July 2014

#Topcorn Tribe

As I've mentioned on a fair few occasions, I am on a constant battle to try to lose some weight and recently I started to try to make some changes to my diet on a long term basis by changing my approach to eating.

One thing I wanted to change was how I snack - I am someone who tends to go all day without much food at all but come the evening when I sit down to some work at the computer, I find myself hungry and wanting to snack - I would always give in to things like chocolate and crisps and I found that a hard habit to kick.

So lately I've been replacing the chocolate snacks with a few squares of dark chocolate (still getting that chocolate kick but in a healthier way!) and I've swapped calorie laden crisps but Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn.

I first discovered this a few weeks ago in a supermarket - it was on offer, I fancied some popcorn and I noticed that it was only around 110 calories per serving - so I tried it and I LOVED it.

I then joined the #TopcornTribe and received a box of flavours I hadn't yet tried - I was pleased to see my all-time favourite Sweet & Salt in there (Oh My Goodness it's amazing!), but excited to try some new flavours out too.

The Sweet Cinnamon is really lovely for when you fancy a change, and the Sargent Salt is very moreish - but my favourite discovery was the white cheese flavour!

Popcorn and cheese are two things I would never think to put together but they just seem to work.

I have been having a serving of the white cheese flavoured popcorn alongside some crackers & cheese for lunch most days, and I love it!

Have you tried Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn? What are your favourite flavours?

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