Sunday, 6 July 2014

Under The Knife?

I've talked about my weight struggles on and off on my blog, please excuse me if I'm sounding like a broken record here but it's something I'm struggling to find a solution to and is an ongoing issue for me.

As I've discussed many times - I went from being somewhat underweight at just under 9 stone (which for my height of 5 ft 9 left me looking a bit too thin) and a size 8 to suddenly ballooning up to a size 18 within the space of a year.

This all happened when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease - a condition which effects how my thyroid gland functions.

A combination of my condition itself and the steroid based treatment I was put on to resulted in rapid and extreme weight gain.

Over the years, my weight has fluctuated as my medications have been changed, stopped & restarted periodically and my thyroid function has fluctuated from overactive to underactive.

At the moment, my thyroid is supposedly functioning normally and so I'm currently not on any medication for it as a trial to see how things go.

However, my weight is at an all time high - I have recently tried all sorts of diets with little to no success. I have tried exercising and I have tried just eating healthily - there are no changes on the scales apart from the occasional GAIN of a pound or two.

In the last month I have gained a stone, despite eating healthier and exercising more.

It doesn't make any sense to me, and regardless of how many times I go to the Doctors in tears I get no help - I'm told that the endocrine specialists won't see me because my thyroid levels are normal at the moment, and I'm told that there's nothing the Drs can help me with.

I guess I'm kind of at a loss as to what I'm supposed to do at this point.

I want to lose weight, I want to be healthier - but nothing I try is working, instead the weight is still going on - this doesn't seem to make sense and to me should be an indicator that something is wrong but I can't get anybody to care about it.

Lately I've been turning my thoughts to surgical interventions.

I know I want to have one more baby, but I am considering - after having one more child - going down the route of having liposuction performed.

Dr Joseph Ajaka article from Cosmos Clinic was a particularly interesting read for me and did make a lot of sense:

I'd love to hear from anybody who has had similar issues with thyroid conditions & weight gain, or from anybody who has undergone liposuction or similar.

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  1. Oh hunny I didn't realise you had Graves' disease in the past, I too had that and it's awful. The doctors made my thyroid from over to under active because it's easier to manage and then it kind of cured itself (I was alot younger and got fed up of taking a billion tablets and stopped them n my own) oddly the doctors said it must have just cured itself from taking myself off the pills which was strange. So I know exactly how you feel with the weight going up and down and feeling like it's hard to manage. I know you've probably tried or people have said but have you tried out any slimming classes, I did weight watchers from home a few years ago for my wedding and lost two stone and I've managed to keep it off. I've also tried slimming world which is good although you don't feel as in control because you can eat as much of the foods as you want (the ones that are aloud) it might be worth giving that a try, even when you have another baby you it's still safe to do slimming world.

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  2. Not me, but my best friend's huband. He had struggled with his weight all his life. They were living in the US at the time, so they had to deal with health insurance etc (don't know how the NHS views liposuction though?) but luckily he could get it covered after he spent almost a year proving he was dieting/exercising and it wasn't changing his weight very much. He didn't get liposuction but had gastric band surgery and it's a bit of a mixed bag. He had a lot of health problems the year or so following the surgery (perhaps unrelated, but all to do with his stomach, so hard to believe they weren't somehow caused or triggered by the surgery) but now seems to be doing OK. And he has 100% kept the weight off (got surgery in 2011) so far and looks great. He just had his final surgery like six months ago, to get rid of excess skin left over, but seriously, he looks good. He is tall, too, but now is able to eat healthily/normally (though not very much-- his stomach is small now) and stay at a healthy size. I'd guess it is something he is overall glad he did, as his weight had been an issue most of his life, and nothing he did seemed to help.

  3. If youve put on a stone in a month, liposuction would be absoultely irrelevant. Even if you had 2 or 3 stone removed, it sounds like it would go.back on really fast. Lipo isnt permanent, the weight can return. I know its hard to lose weight with the issues you have but maybe up your exercise and keep a very honest food diary so you can see where you need to cut back.

  4. Oh chick, reading this is a really hard. You have to remember that blog you linked is a marketing tool for the clinic, so of course they are going to say positive things about the surgery - they want your money! The trouble with lipo is that they can only take so much fat out of the body in one go and if you're big already, the number of fat cells they remove won't be that much as the cells will be big already, and ultimately, the problem is if you are currently gaining weight, your fat cells are getting bigger and this won't change just because you have removed a few! The ones that are left will continue to grow. I've had friends have lipo in all areas and whilst it has proved successful in changing their body shapes slightly, none have lost weight as a result in the short or long term.
    My gut feeling would be to see a different GP. You need to explain not just physically how these weight gains are affecting you, but also mentally. You need to explain that you are considering private surgery because it is so bad and see what they say. I would make a food diary for 2 weeks and document the weight gain alongside it to take with you. You need to be really tough with yourself - 1500 calories a day + exercise is what you need to do to loose weight - no cheating and it sounds lame, but you need to be measuring every portion out!!
    Best of luck with everything,
    B xx

  5. I can understand how u feel about ur body I've been lucky though with slimming world working for me before I fell pregnant. I don't really know much about your condition but I do know what it's like to not like how your body is. I have thought of having a tummy tuck once I have had all the children I want.

  6. How frustrating for you. I do hope your get something sorted soon. I was once on steriods and my weight shot up. So upsetting. Can they not up your meds again? If you tell them how much its upseting you. Xx


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