Thursday, 28 August 2014

Baby Number 2....

If you saw our announcement last week, then you'll know our exciting news....we're expecting Baby Number 2!!

I had hoped to hold out on announcing the news for at least another 5 weeks yet, as I am only 8 weeks along! 

But this has already been a VERY eventful pregnancy and so, all things considered, we decided to just go ahead and announce early.

How We Found Out

We found out about the pregnancy on 28th July, and according to my cycle dates this meant I was 6 weeks pregnant.

I hadn't expected the positive result at all! I was only 2 days late for my period but Jon had been saying for a few days that he had a "feeling" I was to shut him up I took a test.....and lo & behold! It was positive!

The first test I took only showed a very very faint positive line, so we bought a Clearblue Digital and it came up with "1-2 Weeks Pregnant" right away! So no doubting it!

The Drama

About a week after we found out, I started to get stabbing pain in my right side which was pretty painful so we decided to go to the Dr to get looked at.

The DR was concerned by the symptoms and after having a feel around, he sent me on to A & E.....I spent most of the night there having various tests and they booked me in for an ultrasound scan two days later.

We went along for the scan and were told that all they could find was an empty I was 6 weeks along they said this could be normal but the pain in my side could indicate an ectopic pregnancy, so they decided to check my hormone levels over the next few days.

I had blood tests done three times, and each time the hormones had after 5 days they decided to scan me again.  

I should now have been almost 7 weeks so something should definitely have shown up.

When they scanned me however, there was still nothing there.

Just an empty sac.

It had grown....but it was very empty. No yolk sac or anything.

They explained to me that this could mean one of two things....either I was having an ectopic pregnancy (Apparently the sac can grow in the right place and the hormone levels will still rise), or I had a blighted ovum which means that the body thinks a pregnancy is continuing so hormones rise and symptoms continue.....but while the sac continues to grow it remains empty.

I was told that there was no point in continuing to do blood tests, and they would just leave it all alone for a week and see me again for a third scan by which point an ectopic pregnancy should be clearly seen and they would know which scenario they were dealing with.

That week was very difficult and upsetting, and it seemed to drag on massively.

This was when I wrote my "Head Space" post.....I spent the week FEELING extremely pregnant with lots of sickness and fatigue....but aware that the pregnancy was either ectopic or not continuing.

A very depressing thing to experience.

On Monday we went along for the dreaded scan to find out what the situation was and learn how it would be resolved....

They scanned over my tummy first and the sonographer said she thought she could see a little something but couldn't be sure, so they did an internal scan.

And once they did....there it was.

A teeny tiny little bean with a heart beating away!

We were so shocked as we had been prepared to hear that the pregnancy was not continuing for one of two reasons, but we hadn't expected at all to hear that actually....everything was fine!

The measurements put me at only 6 weeks 2 days at the time of the scan....which was over 2 weeks behind my dates according to my cycle.

This means that I ovulated much later than usual, and this is why the original pregnancy test line was so faint (I was only actually 4 weeks along when we found out!) and why they were unable to see anything on the first two scans.

How Things Are Now....

It's been quite a rollercoaster few weeks, first learning we were pregnant, then being told that actually it wasn't a viable pregnancy, and then learning that it was all healthy after all and getting used to the idea of being pregnant again!

So I`m not sure if the exhaustion I've been feeling has been due to early pregnancy or just the stress of everything coming to a head!

I have been having a lot of nausea, particularly at night time, but so far I have only actually thrown up once.....I am keeping everything crossed that I don't experience the several-times-a-day sickness I had for 30 weeks of my pregnancy with Tyne again!

I haven't had any real cravings yet but I am already experiencing severe food aversions....actually they are more so drink aversions, I cannot face the idea of a cup of tea or coffee or any kind of fizzy drink.

The Details

This little bean is due on 7th April 2015....which is just 3 days after Tyne's due date! 

This means that their birthdays are going to be very close together! Eeek! I just hope that I don't end up in hospital over Tyne's actual birthday on 26th March as I would just hate that!

Tyne turns 2 years old just 12 days before I am due....I am pretty happy with this age gap as I had always wanted children close together!

So that's the story of our second pregnancy so far! I'll be sharing our second pregnancy story throughout with regular bump updates, shopping hauls, wishlists and more so stay tuned!

And if you're currently expecting too, let me know when you're due in the comments below!

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