Monday, 11 August 2014


If you asked your children where in the world they would most love to go on holiday....where do you think they would choose?
I'd personally have imagined Disneyland to be the most popular answer....probably followed by America and then probably somewhere like Spain.
Surprisingly, the answer that the majority of British kids gave when asked is a lot closer to home!
Some 78% of British kids want to holiday in the famous seaside town, according to the nationwide study by #BlackpoolsBack.
 In fact, Blackpool came out as the top choice for the perfect kids holiday – ahead of any other resort in the world – among British children aged six – 17-years-old, according to the poll.
 Blackpool came out ahead of Orlando, Costa Del Sol, Paris, Italy and France in the survey after 2,000 kids were asked to list and prioritise the most important elements of their ideal holiday.
The four most important elements for a successful family holiday, according to the nation’s children, are a real, sandy beach (59%), a seaside location (50%), a theme park (46%) and a water park (48%) with no flying involved, the survey reveals.
Just one in 20 children (5%) said sunny weather is important for a great family holiday.
Travelling time is also key for kids. The majority of children (55%) say it should take no longer than four hours, door-to-door, to get from their UK home to their holiday resort.
 They’d also rather not fly unless absolutely necessary. Some 73% said they’d rather go on a holiday that didn’t involving flying to their resort (This suits me just fine!!!)
 I remember going on a few family holidays in and around Blackpool as a child, and they were always so much fun!
The beach with its traditional donkey rides and the famous pier with its rides and shows were fantastic, and I loved walking along the golden mile and visiting all of the arcades and souvenir shops.
As much as I love travelling abroad, I don't think you can beat a good traditional British seaside holiday for children and they are certainly what I'll be leaning towards for the foreseeable future!
Infact seeing that the famous Blackpool Lights are switched on at the end of August is tempting me to plan a visit soon!

Merlin Entertainments have created the #BlackpoolsBack campaign to highlight the appeal of Blackpool as  a family holiday destination....for more information and to see all that Blackpool has to offer, please visit

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