Thursday, 14 August 2014

Buses Driving You Mad? Drive Something Else For A Change…

What’s your current stance on carting your family around, to and from home, school and other activities? Are you a one car, or even a two car family? Perhaps you’re the sorts who ‘just take the bus’? Maybe, you are actually just rather environmentally conscious and would like to walk, thank you very much.
 It’s admirable, it really is… but which is the ‘right’ way?

As noble as our public transport and/or ‘connecting with nature’ intentions are, sometimes we just have to admit defeat and think about what’s in the best interests of the kids.
 Now, if you live in a busy town or city where there are buses frequently, there’s nothing to say that you should get a car at all. Taking a bus might work out cheaper, depending on the number of kids you have, and if we’re thinking ahead to their futures then yes, indeed, you’ll be helping the world and its environment for the better. But if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes a car is exactly what you’d need to help ease the burden.

Picture this.
 A few years down the line and you have two, maybe three kids. We’ll say three, hypothetically. One is really into playing her guitar, whilst your son would quite like to be a break dancer and carries a gym bag complete with special shoes every day of the week. 
Then your other child announces they’ve signed up to home economics and BOOM. You’ve got baskets and ingredients and (admittedly, delicious) dishes being carted back and forth daily. Suddenly, there are three people to be accountable for, all with their heavy equipment that they’d struggle with on a bus or train. Plus, if they lost it, you’re not sure that you could afford to replace it.

Having a car ensures your children won’t be late to where they need to be. There’s storage, so they won’t have to live in fear of forgetting or misplacing their stuff. A friend of mine lost her flute on the way home from school when we were teenagers – those hours waiting for the bus to return to the depot must have been agonizing, I’m sure. Luckily, she got it back, but some aren’t so fortunate.

If money is your worry – have you seen bus prices recently?! Imagine having to shell those out every day, for (what feels like) loads of little children. Cars can cost a lot, yes, but once they’re paid for, everyone can get in for the same cost. One great place to pick one up locally and also second hand (to save a bit) is Thisisads by Local World.

The point is, if you don’t need a car, that’s fine. But even in the younger years, it’s much easier to keep an eye on little ones, and feel in control, when you’re driving. You don’t have to panic about connection times, or wait around sketchy areas in the dark. Remember, always buy a car seat when your kids are young, for legal reasons, and make sure you’re making the best driving decisions.

As always judge what’s right for your family with all your decisions. Enjoy the freedom & happy motoring! 

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