Sunday, 3 August 2014

Couples123 Tag & YouTube

As you may know, a while ago I decided to start a YouTube Channel.

This is something I've played around with on and off, and I go through phases of enjoying it and finding it tedious.

I enjoy making family home movies but those are more for Tyne to watch and us to enjoy looking back on than for anyone else.

So I decided I need to try out YouTube properly, and decide if it's something I'm doing or not!

With that in mind, I decided to take part in the Vlog Every Day In August challenge!

So far I`m failing as I already missed yesterday....oops! But I`m planning to try my best to upload a video a day for the remainder of August, and see what I think about vlogging at the end of the month!

My first video for the August challenge was the Couples 123 tag....if you'd like to have a look at Jon & I being rather silly and bickering a lot, take a look below!

Are you on YouTube?

I'm always looking for more people to watch so if you are, please leave me a link below!

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