Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fancy Dress for All Ages: Outfits for Everyone

Is there such a thing as being too old for fancy dress? Whether you’re 3 or 103, the opportunity to dress up is a great way to inject a little fun into the experience. 
Birthdays, Halloween, nights out, hen and stag parties, weddings, festivals – the possibilities are endless! 
Take a look at some of the George at ASDA fancy dress costumes for inspiration, no matter how old you are. 


 From themed dining experiences, where you may be required to dress as a 1920s siren in a flapper dress and feather headband, to a night on the tiles in 1980s gear, complete with neon legwarmers and fluorescent earrings, the range of fancy dress options for women is as wide as the events and occasions that exist for you to wear them. 
 Fancy dress is a great icebreaker when it comes to a hen party, and perfect to encourage everyone to get involved – mums and grans too! 
Don a pink satin jacket and become the Pink Ladies, or dress up in 40s attire before heading off to afternoon tea at a posh London hotel
Whatever you have planned, there’s always an opportunity for fancy dress – it needn’t be raucous either, but that can help set the mood if you’re all heading out to paint the town red!


 Superheroes continue to be one of the most popular themes for men when it comes to a night out in fancy dress. 
From Marvel favourites, such as Thor and Captain America, to DC’s Batman or Superman, there are plenty of heroes (and villains) to take inspiration from and, with a little creativity, you can easily make the costume your own. If you’re looking for something simple to do, there are plenty of ideas out there. 
A morph suit is easy and effective, or you could paint yourself blue and dress as a Smurf! The hats can be bought from fancy dress shops, or you could make your own if you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine (or your missus or mum may be able to help, if not!) 


 From school events to kid’s parties, children have plenty of chances for a fun dress up opportunity. In fact, kids love to have a well-stocked fancy dress box regardless and will often change into princess dresses, superhero costumes or your 4 inch platform heels whenever they have the chance.
 It may be nigh on impossible to kit your girl out with Frozen dresses, but there are plenty of Disney princess dresses waiting in the wings that will bring a smile to their faces! 
If you want to treat them to some new fancy dress outfits, there are plenty of options; from pirates and knights to Batman and ballerinas, the list is endless. 

 With Halloween coming up, and Christmas not too far behind it, there are plenty of occasions around the corner that fancy dress would be fab for. 

Choose the perfect outfit for you from the George range and start planning the accessories, make up and finishing touches!

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