Friday, 15 August 2014

Fun with make up!

On a daily basis, my make up routine always stays exactly the same.

I barely even have to look at what I'm picking up out of my make up bag hands seem to automatically know their way around.

Foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick....

Usually the same shades used every day.

Its familiar...its fine...its easy and quick.

But lately I've been reminiscing about how much fun make up used to be when I was younger....

As a teenager, when make up was all new to me, I used to spend hours sitting in front of a mirror in my bedroom experimenting with different looks & colours...

I'd spend ages perfecting a look only to wipe it straight off and try out another one.

It was fun....and I miss that!

So a few nights ago, I decided to relive that fun....

I got my make up bag out...and not just the "everyday" make up bag....I got out all of my make up.

And I experimented with wacky colours that I'd never usually wear, and all kinds of different looks.

Ok, most of them came off looking more Pat Butcher than Prada but I had fun and I discovered some colours that actually suited me which I wouldn't usually wear....

I also discovered some old favourite products that had totally slipped my mind.

While experimenting, I decided to try out a Disney inspired look.

Frozen has been a real buzz word around here lately as my 2 nieces are OBSESSED with the movie, and with Elsa in particular.

With that in mind, I wanted to try out an Elsa look that I could do on my niece when she visits next....

The look is WAY dramatic and I would never wear it in public, but it sure was fun to experiment with!

I used:

*Bourjous healthy mix foundation
*Too Faced La Vie En Rose Blusher
*MAC studio fix concealer
*MAC Studio fix pressed powder
*Barry M Dazzle Dust in Pale Purple over the lids
*MAC Venomous Villains Collection eyeshadow in Vile Violet on top
*MAC haute & naughty lash mascara
*Topshop Glow highlighter
*MAC  lipstick in Lovelorn

Ok so I'm no Elsa.....but it was fun anyway!

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