Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hosting The Perfect Summer Event

In our lives, we’ll often be called upon to host a variety of events, from children’s parties, right up to even bigger, bolder extravaganzas like weddings. 
The summer can often be the busiest season for these things, and as we head toward the end, it’s nice to reflect on those to come. 
Of course, parties, gatherings and so on and so forth can be hosted in any season, really, it’s just all about getting it right. But, as the summer is really the best time weather wise, you should make the most of it. 

 Something we Brits don’t often get the chance to do is have a good, old fashioned BBQ. 
But as the lovely weather (which we actually have had for a change!) heads to a close, we really ought to have as many as we can!
 Providing you have a garden, this is very easily pulled off – be honest, everyone’s coming for the food anyway! 
There are loads of ways to make the day memorable, from creating bespoke invites online prior to the day, or even just adding cute little personal touches such as a cake tier stand – these can be bought very cheaply these days from pound shops.

 In the run up to the day, you can spruce up the garden a little – Be Garden Happy is a fab company who have loads of stuff to make it look great, and they even sell garden furniture to make outdoor hosting even better! 
In true English summer style though, you should always prepare for rain – give the house a little tidy, too. You may all need to take shelter there at some point! If you’re asked to host a bigger event – weddings, christenings, graduations and so forth, it’s obviously a far less casual affair. 
For one, you’ll most likely need to sort out a venue – way, way in advance. Then there are caterers to think of. Cakes. Marquees. All kinds of things – entertainment included. Will you hire a band? A DJ? Or both? How about a magician? 
With the impressive performances you’ll have no doubt seen on TV these days, you’ll know these are no longer restricted to a cheesy guy pulling a rabbit out of a hat for kids anymore, they’re full blown illusionists for adults, too. Oliver B is a great one, highly recommended for a tailor made show bound to impress every guest present. 
 With so many options out there, it’s no wonder people hire party planners! But if you think you can manage by yourself, then good for you. 

Just know that it’ll be a lot of hard work – but it should pay off in the end – who doesn’t love a good party?!

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