Sunday, 3 August 2014

How To Get Your Head Back In The ‘Work Game’

If you’ve had a baby recently, within the last five years, or even (what seems like) a million years ago, first of all – congratulations!
 It’s not easy, and whether you’re raising a toddler or shipping your second born off to University, you instantly get a ton more on the plate the second you welcome a new life into the world. Whether you’re planning to be a stay at home mother, or jump right back into your job, there are a lot of considerations you’ll need to make, and each is personal to you.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Many people will have an opinion of what they think you should do and how you should raise your child. Some think going back to work immediately is the best, because financially, it can be easier, or they believe that stay at home mothers somehow bow to convention and should in actual fact have a career, too. 
Others condemn those women who want jobs because they believe the mother should raise the baby full time. Either way, do what’s best for you.
 Remember – make the most of your maternity leave though, because this is a time intended for bonding and if it’s available to you, you may as well take it because it gives you precious time – without losing money. Taylor Rose have collated these scary statistics about maternity leave at present, which show that mothers are not making the most of it as it stands.

Get A Head Start

When you’ve been off for a while, sometimes you lose sight of the working world a little. That’s fine, but before you go back, you should brush up on your field. Of course, if you work in an industry where that’s not really relevant, you can ignore this advice, but in our ever changing society, more often than not there are new trends. If you work in digital, are you up to speed? Have there been new trends in the fashion world, if that’s your area? How about big developments in banking, or perhaps medicine? Whatever you specialise in, make sure you’re back on form if you’re going back.

Find The Right Role For You

We all change when we’ve had a baby – some people do so only subtly, while others have a total change of heart. If you’re struggling to find work, maybe a change of career is in the cards for you? If you’re just entertaining the idea, plenty of recruitment sites like Monster and Hales Group will be able to show you just what’s out there right now, with loads of roles available.

Remember, take your time. Yes, sometimes going back to work is more out of financial concern than anything else, but it doesn’t mean you should be unhappy. 

We all have very different families and very different lives. 

Good luck!

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